Hey! I’m Julie

(That Handsome little man is Chris, my son!!)

I’m a school bus driver which means I’m organized, have TONS of patience and enthusiasm (kind of a lot like what your wedding photographer should be like) I’ve spent a lot of my life bored, jumping from one thing to the next. I was always itching to go, do, see. I begged people to travel with me, inventing road trips and dreaming about other countries. But the trips never happened. Not until I found photography!! Photography helped me catch flight (Catchfly, get it?!). It’s taken me all over the world, documenting the love I witness and the adventures I’ve found.

I’m not just your photographer for the day. I'll run around to find extra bobby pins, be a listening ear and quick on my feet. Or grab my personal "911" caboodle because Uncle Jerry had one too many and spilled some wine all over someone's dress. (Thank God for Tide Pens right?) From our first consultation to engagement session to timeline planning, I’M HERE FOR YOU!! I thrive in a what I call, “A Beautiful Chaos!”

Things I love:

++Saturday Morning coffee

++ Swearing like a sailor (but I’ll be good around the Fam)



++Warm Summer Nights

++Ice Cream #guilty

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I honestly can not say enough about Julie! I have known her since she was a kid, and she has grown into a beautiful young woman. We had a small, nontraditional outdoor wedding. Julie’s eye for light, angles, and details is perfect. She caught all the small moments and the big ones. She took plenty of pictures of us and all of the guests, and she used the outdoor setting: the flowers, the trees, the lake, perfectly. The posed pictures are wonderful, but my favorites are the impromptu pictures - the laughing, the loving looks, the hugs, the fun times. Julie is organized. She directs without being pushy. She is very willing to try whatever you have in mind. And she is just fun to share the day with. She is generous with her time - our wedding was delayed due to a thunderstorm right before we started, and she just took it in stride and let us relax. You have found your photographer!
— Laura Failer Married July 4th, 2019