Stefanie Kelly and Donald Potter Maternity Session

Let me just begin by saying that I am going to be honest. I am going to tell you how this session started, way before I even turned on my camera and checked my settings. Stefanie came to me as a referral, and she was so sweet. I honestly, cannot explain how I feel connected to I feel like I want to fight for her, to stick up for her, and to be there for her. Truth be told, Stefanie is a STRONG woman, she doesn't need anyone! Stefanie mentioned to me that she would like to include the father in the photos, and I thought, "Okay, that is great!" But to put a twist on it...they were currently not together. They wanted to take photos together while pregnant WITH their daughter FOR their daughter. This is so amazing, so beyond words...that really my jaw just drops! Drops in a good way!! I love that they are able to put any differences aside and do something for their child. It shows maturity and strength. On and off for 8+ years they showed up to their session off, but looking SO on! Not only did we have an absolute blast with their other daughter, Maddie...we also got so many beautiful shots. After looking at these photos you will be able to see the love they have for each other. The way he looks at her just screams admiration. They may fight, they may bicker, but they truly love each other. This is what I believe real love is. Its real. Its about the ups, the downs, and the in between. Stefanie may want to smack him a few times (don't we all sometimes ladies!! haha) but she will always be there for him. She will always fight for him, and have faith that they can make it through. Honestly, I am pulling for them as well. After this session, and just looking at all of the will see what I mean!  

Stefanie didn't even know at this time. She didn't know that we used this to do a before and after sort of shot for newborn pictures. Amelia Rae would one day wear this!

Oh yeah...we went there! We did the "Kiss the Belly" shot! Just shows the love Daddy has for his little girl!

NOW LOOK AT MADDIE!!! How cute is she? She already loves her sister!!

Even though Amelia is on the way, we don't forget about Maddie! Kisses for this beautiful girl!

How beautiful do these girls look in my #DIY headbands I made especially for this session!

Well...hello there beautiful brown eyed girl! Maddie is adorable

A serious approach to Motherhood. Days are hard, but we are strong and we make it through. All it takes is a little love.

Sun flares and Kisses. That moment Mama and Daddy kiss and it melts little hearts

Now, we start to focus on Mom and Dad. Seriously...LOOK how they look at each other!! This is only the beginning. 

Even through a canopy, you can see the love created! That's their baby girl in there!!

....and then they kissed and we felt the love all over again. The way she touches his cheek shows how much she admires him. The way he holds her belly shows he will protect his girls.

SO! Can we agree? They look totally in love. In fact would you have known what I told you, if I never mentioned it? My guess is...probably not! And this is what they wanted for their daughter, Amelia Rae. Whether they work it out, or make it through (Fingers crossed) their daughter will know the love they shared. She will see her parents together sharing such a happy moment. This is the beautiful story told and captured on this beautiful warm summer evening.