BEST Response to my Outdoor Model Search

Can I just express how LUCKY I am that this ad I posted brought me such a beautiful little girl! So sweet, so little and just beautiful....all 5lbs of her!! I was having an itch for a little girl and I had a vision of doing an outdoor session. I stumbled upon beautiful spaces right in my very own backyard! I could not help but to post this model search. I needed my cute headband....cute outfits.....cute squishy cheeks fix! I remembered Stefanie was having a little girl so I reached out to her! How could you not say "No"!?

Over the weekend before her session, I decided I wanted to try and give it a go and make my own homemade newborn lace romper. I feel like I did a pretty good job! Since she was so tiny, all 5lbs kind of swam in the romper, but that's okay! She still looks so sweet (You will see!) We planned a session on a warm Sunday evening. I took all the props I had outside and set up little scenes. I set up each set so we could almost go from one to the next. My neighbors were probably like, "What is this girl doing!!" First we started with this set up...

OH-MY-GOSH right!!!! I had this vision using this bar stool I sanded down. I want it to look weathered. I had PLENTY of tall grass all around and here is little miss Amelia Rae pictured with my #DIY headband I promised in my Stefanie Kelly Maternity blog post. So comfortable, safe and sound with Daddy nearby protecting as I knew he would.

....and then when you least expect it, she smiles!

Showing her beautiful features up close and personal!

and then we move on to the next scene which had to be moved to another location due to where the sun was currently at. Its dangerous to have baby sit directly in the sunlight and I value babies safety. So we moved to a shaded area....and WAH LAH! Look how beautiful little Miss Amelia Rae looks in my #DIY headband!!! Pretty in diamonds and feathers. I couldn't wait to use my bike planter (Just what I call it?!) I couldn't tell you how many times I have gone to a store seen something cute and think, "OMG could I put a baby in that?" haha

Okay, next set was my absolute favorite! I made a tepee using nature itself and a little bit of twine and random flowers and greens. Underneath, we placed a beautiful little girl. She is so sweet and such an easy baby. I couldn't believe how easy my job was. She slept through anything and everything. (Swoon!) Here is my absolute favorite image from this session!! Took the image I wanted right out of my head and into real life!

From here we decided to go inside, to keep from the heat. Have you seen my available props page? Here you can see other props and the #DIY newborn lace romper I attempted to make the weekend of Amelia's session. So purty right?! ;)

A little big, but still adorable. This just goes to show that I will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for my clients to make them happy. I go above and to speak! I spent a whole day during a weekend getaway working on getting this outfit done! I literally brought my sewing machine with me camping or rather #glamping as I like to call it!

Look how beautiful she is!! I wanted to try my tepee indoors using my new Pallet Wall and Storage Box that I built in a hurry, for this session and many more to come! Love all these shots and not only will I, but Mom and Dad will cherish these photos forever!