Personal Hiking Adventure | Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

I am not going to share all the details of my trip...mainly because this trip was for me!

For years, I have talked about just hitting the road and GOING!

I'm starting to make it more of a priority now.

I want to go back to to the day when I went to Ash Cave, Ohio.

When it was peaceful....but see, that is something I learned from this solo trip.

You can't keep looking into the past, you have to keep moving forward.

Try new things. See new places. EVERYDAY! That's how you find happiness.

That's how you find yourself. That's how you fix things when life has you feeling a little stuck.


However, I will share all the major hiking points from my trip!

You know where to find me if you want to know details, advice or tips!

Enjoy the view with me!!

Ash Cave


Lower Falls, Old Man's Cave Trail


Where should I go next?

Tell me in the comments below!