Elaine + JoJo | Belle Isle Detroit, Michigan | Engagement August 24th, 2019

You have my full permission to be yourself! (Like you even needed my permission! haha) I love it when you are able to let lose. I'm sure a couple of my quirky jokes help a little along the way, but its mostly my couples. The ones totally in love, comfortable with each other, not afraid to be a little goofy, or try something new! I have tons of weird ideas, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't BUT I know we're all going to have a GREAT time. I love it when my couples can totally be themselves and you better believe I will include all the personallity in your online gallery…kind of like when I said, “Okay guys, get belly to belly and I want you to…” and JoJo goes: “Oh! Like this!” ahhahahah YESSSSSS!!!!!! I