Nick + Kim | Surprise Proposal O'Connor's Public House Rochester Michigan | April 20th, 2019

I thought the lighting was going to be difficult, but it was all good. Although, it was a bit more of a challenge that it was darker and I was unable to use any type of flash. I kind of had to stay a secret for this surprise proposal haha 3 days prior to my 2nd, most recent surprise proposal I was messaged by one of my other Real Estate Photographer friends and he was asked to do a surprise proposal, but he mentioned to his client that it wasn't his thing, but that he knew someone who would LOVE to do it. That person was me and he is SO right!!! I love this sorta thing!!! This surprise proposal was to take place at a bar, where they first met. Nick had plans to propose at the very table they sat at. I arrived early to meet with the manager Liz and to scope out the place and the lighting. I devised a plan as to where I would hide and stand totally looking a bit creeper like hidden in corners. Lucky for me, the staff knew what was going on and they were able to tell their tables what I was doing because trust me, I TOTALLY earned my creeper badge for this one hahahaha plus how often do you see someone with a professional camera, in a bar? I thought at one point, Kim looked right at me too. But we pulled everything off and I couldn't thank everyone enough for all their help....even her friends were in on it! Look at that ring?!! Just gorgeous!!