Justina + Alex | Engagment George George Park Clinton Township | November 25th, 2018

I am SO glad we ended up changing parks at the last minute. I remember Googling the park and thinking, “Okay, we ARE going to make this work!” and then we changed to George George Park close to where Justina lives. No regrets at all because there were SO many good spots. I couldn’t tell you how many “OMG…go over there and I’ll give ya something to do!” orrrrr “GIRL….Look at the way that tree formed, it’s like a fairytale or something from a movie!” We had so much fun that day, even found ourselves a Geocache! I had to explain what that was. My son and I searched for Geocaches a while back, so it was kind of cool to find and sign while we were there. So if they ever went back, it would be a cool little memory to think back to and remember! Check out some of my behind the scene video clips taken from Justina’s good friend Bailey (Who sent me several behind the scene photos of us…THANKS SO MUCH GIRL!!!) <3 From all the weird jokes from me, to all the goofy prompts given, wispy things I put you in and then blew at you too all the way into my favorite part…”Alex, write something on Justina’s face and then she has to guess it…” as he goes to write something with his finger…”OH! I guess I meant to add….with your nose hahaha” LOVE moments that make us all laugh! <3