Valerie + Mike | Destination Wedding | February 6th, 2018

When my special day comes, I want to do it just like Val did...

Small, intimate...GORGEOUS (I might add) wedding with those closest too you!

I'm not one for a big show either, and let's be honest...its all about the scenery and photos!

I remember one day, joking with Val about how it would be more beneficial to pack me

and take me along as their personal photographer. Never did I think it would actually grow into

this A-MAZING opportunity! I seriously mean was VERY HARD to come back!

(I literally fought back tears the whole plane ride home and drank blah beer! haha)

Red Stripe is now my go to favorite, back in the states. Thanks Jamaica! ;)


All 4 days the weather was just PERFECT!! Even when it sprinkled a little rain, my vacation hubby

and I would jump into the hot tub and just let the rain drops hit our face while we sipped on fruity

drinks and addictive beer! haha Not a worry in the world...except maybe lightening haha

I would HIGHLY suggest Couples Resort in Negril, Jamaica as your honeymoon destination

(But stay for a week, 4 days was just NOT enough!!!!)

I also, recommend a massage on the beach!!!!