Sierra + Mike | Adventure Engagement Session Part 1

Adventure Engagement Sessions are always fun...

Mainly, because they allow us to travel to new locations to explore,


to locations you already share and love together.

Maybe it was the spot you proposed, a favorite restaurant, doing your favorite activity...

For Sierra + Mike, we decided to go to East Lansing Campus. Where it all began.

First we started nearby campus (East Lansing Old Town) and worked our way around.

I wanted to meet up with Sierra + Mike for lunch, at one of their favorite spots.

We parked, and walked to Meat where they have the BEST meats I have EVER tasted!!

(I totally recommend The Chin-Gorilla with turkey!!)

You can choose your own meats, and the turkey is more than just slices mmm kay? (Licks lips)

We chatted about where to go, places they love, and put together sort of a little course to make our time together the most officiant...and they totally spoiled me paying for my lunch (after insisting many times, "I got it!")

We headed towards the river, and there was this cute little water rapids area but we were not able to play around that area as there was a family fishing in that spot, so we walked down the walkway a little more. I love how the sun back lite both Sierra and Mike, really making them POP!

Somewhere online Sierra had seen this little blue? ....turquoise? door! I loved it too, but the sun was a bit harse so we had to keep moving and exploring. Still super cute though, #amiright

When my couples can be themselves, let loose and have a little fun...those are my FAVORITE moments. They are real, candid and genuine. I can really tell they just adore each other! <3

This little cue is fun for us to do, and something a little new! I am not even sure where I came up with it, but I've always thought the "Bow chicka wow wow" thing was funny from back when, so make it a couples cue and something fun to do. As long as it makes my couples laugh and have a good time, it's good with me! Stand far apart, face each other and "Bow chicka wow wow" towards each other!! I bet she feels sexy and he's like DAMN! Then grab her and kiss!! <3

This place is where Sierra snuck in....I mean hung out in frequently! Ricks in Old Town East Lansing

After we hit all the good spots Sierra + Mike shared in Old Town, we headed over to Harpers, which was another bar they liked!

East Lansing Old Town Campus Engagement Session_0051.jpg

...and then I bought a shot for all to celebrate! Fireball + Tequilla. Who had which, ya think? ;)

I put my hand upon your hip
When I dip you dip we dip....

Maybe you notice, maybe you don't but I like to find nature like elements and use them in the corners of some photos, like the next one! I found this pretty...I don't know what kind of plant/flower and used it...I remember Sierra asking me if I had that on me the whole time!!! haha

Next, we headed over to campus to meet Sparty!

The squirrels in East Lansing let you come right up to them!

Gotta get our MOM SHOT!!!

I had to incorporate some elements that Sierra + Mike will accent at their wedding..pine cones!