Jordan + Kyle | Wedding September 1st, 2018 | Kreps Apple Barn LaSalle, Michigan

I don’t know if Jordan ever knew this, but she was my second booked bride the day we met! I had two back to back meetings and both were so fun. I always meet at Panera and Jordan was sweet and she knew what she wanted! An outdoor rustic romantic wedding! I can really tell too, the day of the wedding she really put the time and effort into ALL of the details and details are some of my favorite things to photograph.

Kyle was quiet too and like every soon to be hubby who loved his future bride, he let Jordan have everything she wanted for their big day with the one exception…that we get some photos of him on his dirt bike! I thought, “okay this is going to be different, unique and I’M DOWN!” I remember our two week prior to their big day meeting. Jordan had a jam packed day and I was SO DETERMINED to fit everything we could in the 10 hours given.

I remember when I first arrived to their house in Erie, Michigan and I remember thinking how proud I was of them. To be so young, and own such a cute little house together! …and surprised (in a good way) to not only see all of our engagement photos printed and hung all over their walls, but other photos of them as well. No joke a WHOLE WALL dedicated to just photos!! As a photographer, that made me proud to see!! I started with their details as Kyle was elsewhere in a hotel in Toledo, Ohio. I had my second photographer meet the guys at a Holiday Inn Express. As always, I started with all of Jordan’s details. I brought them outside and found nature like elements along the sides of their house and small barn like shed!

After the details and getting ready was done (that is when the day starts to pick up and fly by) we headed over to the venue. Kreps Apple Barn in LaSalle, Michigan was the cutest little barn with everything we needed right, nearby. The first thing Jordan wanted to do was a first look with father (who feels awkward getting his photos done, but I can’t even tell!) He looked so proud of his daughter with ALL the feels. We were immediately able to take bride + Bridesmaid photos before the ceremony. Again, I like to keep the family portraits more private out of respect for the family!

After the ceremony, it was time to celebrate and Jordan + Kyle entered the party with drinks in hand ready to roll! Their poor cake was melting on that September day, but it was no sweat to Jordan + Kyle, they didn’t mind and still thought the cake tasted wonderful. Food served was amazing. I remember sneaking away with my second photographer just inhaling all the delicious food! It’s so appreciated when couples think and remember to feed us as a hungry photographer is an uninspired photographer and after this I was full, happy and satisfied…ready to get right back to work! Which we did. One of the BIGGEST things Jordan wanted was gorgeous sunset photos, so after we were done eating, I headed over to Jordan and Kyle, grabbed them, the bridal party and Kyle’s dirt bike! It was time to play at the front of the venue! I didn’t know Kyle could do a wheelie, although I should have assumed since he’s been riding forever. It was fun to play around a little bit and get Jordan on the back of the bike (Mindful of the hot tailpipe and her dress) and they rode around. We even had this crazy idea to have Jordan in the foreground and Kyle doing a wheelie in the background.

I remember telling Jordan that her wedding would have been the first time I have ever done a sparkler exit. I prepped her throughout the months leading up and gave her as much advice as I learned. I feel like we nailed her sparkler exit and I’m sure Jordan would agree!!! It always seems to rain a little bit too as too date now, I have done 3 sparkler exits and 2/3 rained but that doesn’t stop us. Which reminds me…I’m totally buying something to wrap up the (expensive gear!)