Match Made in the Garden | Lori + Chuck | Wedding August 27th, 2017 | Cafe Cortina Farmington Michigan

Success stories from Match REALLY do happen!

That is how Lori + Chuck met actually.

They are one of the few examples that actually make it through online dating!

(We won't even talk about all my experiences!!)

I met Lori through work.

We talked about her gorgeous garden (and wine!) themed wedding for monthssss!!!!

Cafe Cortina in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Located in an Italian countryside vineyard setting in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Elegant, simple and timeless setting surrounded by your closest friends and family.

Formerly an apple orchard, the grounds you see today host a garden which provides about

70% of all ingredients during the summer months.

I just knew this intimate wedding was going to be GORGEOUS,

.....and we're not just talking about the bride here!

Personally, I love greens, I love nature, and I love gardens so I was already inspired!