Christopher's Annual "One Year Older" Photo!

This particular Sunday morning, I am feeling a bit emotional.

Not just because I am a woman and that's just what we do, but also because

I am a Mother!

Yesterday, I went on a little adventure to Island Park in Ann Arbor.

Looking at my absolute favorite photo of my son, Chris and I

(That's where the emotional part comes in)

I just love the mood the black and white image gives me

It shows me that I am a mother to a boy

a protector, a provider....

I have made it my new mission to get in front of the camera more and let me tell you...

doing it myself was SOOOO HARD! Reason #523, hire a photographer! 

I had to bribe, not going to lie!

....but I was determined (as I always am!) to get at least ONE good shot together!!

( I can't stop staring at the photo!! )

Anyways, the second reason we were there was to (FINALLY) get his annual 8 year photo done.

Every year, I hand Chris a number and take an annual photo. I'm a month behind, but there was NO way I could break tradition. The only thing we decided to break was the environment. It was a debate for me, but I'm happy with my decision.

For Christopher's first 5 years, I was the "JcPenny Mom" now would (GASP!) and all his photos were done in studio. The debate was IF I was going to continue that (of course still doing the photos myself)

I prefer and love natural lighting. I love to be outdoors, so we decided to change things up this year. Show growth. Show where we came from and where we are now. (Yes, I am making....err....asking him to do this till he is 18 (evil laugh!!))

Chris annual 8 year photo Island Park Ann Arbor