Lindsey + Kyle | Wedding Styled Shoot | Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio

Now you KNOW someone is down for an adventure if they wear hiking boots underneath their wedding dress! 

When I was in the planning stages, I tried asking around for advice and tips as to how the hike might be. After all we were already carrying a wedding dress and suit!

Some gave some really good advice and tips and I was able to pretty much paint a little picture of what to expect! I decided to keep my Wedding Styled Shoot simple.

I didn't want the hassle of renting furniture, hauling a cake, decor...nothing.

I wanted simple + nature + waterfall!

Originally, I had planned to pick flowers while driving to Ohio, but that didn't happen.

Little did I know at the time, that Lindsey is an active flower enthusiast!

She picked all the flowers while hiking back to Twin Sister Falls, and Kyle picked the ferns.

...and I thought it was PERFECT!! Not to mention, Lindsey and Kyle came from another wedding they attended the night before and brought some of those flowers, so we added to it!

Lindsey had always wanted to do a flower crown and I didn't mind, so I let her have full creative control with that one, and she did such a great job!

After some time at Twin Sister falls, we packed up and raced the sunset!

We had already had such a long day...2 hour couples session, hiking, makeup, more hiking...

...but we HAD to make the most important part, so we did a bit of speed hiking on the way back!

Kyle even hiked the whole way back in his suit just to save time!! haha

My favorite part and what I've been waiting for the whole trip!

Everything had already exceeded my expectations at this point, but next....we posed up next to

Blue Hen Falls, Ohio

I got all my beautiful shots! I've always wanted to have a waterfall in the background!!

...then last minute, Lindsey said...

"Okay...let's get in the water"



They both got in the water, and I never took my shoes off so fast, so excited!!!!

What do you think?

Could you ever get in the water?

Would you ever get married by a waterfall??

I know I will one day! <3