3 Reasons (Off the top of my head) to grab that camera, and PRACTICE!

I used to be, well pretty much still am...for lack of a better word....ashamed of where I live, but then I get to thinking about my everything that I DO have that most don't. I live in a mobile home park (THERE...I said it!) BUT...I am a mother that is single and I own this home, for 3 years now! I work a full time job and run a part time business. #BOOM! ....with all that said...the location is not the best when we go outside and I take some photos of Chris...but I have to stop thinking about that. It's not about my neighbor's mobile home thats a bit blurry in the background, but it's actually about a story. Our story. Later, down the road, when I sit down and look at all my prints of Chris...I will remember that Ninja Turtles Umbrella. I can remember his facial features because before I know it, he will have a beard and we are doing our first dance at his wedding (Sniffle)

1) For Practice

To be in different types of lighting, weather, locations, and scenarios really does help you improve! You might think in the back of your mind, "Oh that's probably pointless, I'll just wing it when the time comes." at least that was alwaysthe struggle in my head. Trust your struggle. Know it's leading you towards something GREAT! Work through the mistakes, try new things, new angles, new positions (haha FOCUS!) I didn't believe practice would help till I told my inner voice to "SHUT UP!" and I just geared up and went outside! The mistakes are the best part...it's where I learn the most.

2) For the Memories

As a photographer, we stress how important it is to get in front of the camera. That what we do is worth it, and it gives you a chance to be IN the photos with your children and spouse....but sometimes as photographers we forget to get IN front of the camera as well. I personally, am going to work on taking my camera with me more often. I might even start bringing it with me to the store! I can already tell that my son loves it. He sees how much I LOVE photography and its something that we bond with! (Secretly he loves all the funny poses) I am most likely going to invest in a better remote. I need to be in the photos as well!

3) To tell a story

My style is evolving more into a lifestyle feel. I want my photos to tell a story. Even if some of these photos mean "meh" to you...I know personally as his Mother, I will remember how obsessed he was with this Ninja Turtles Umbrella and every time a grey cloud was hanging over our home, he immediately went into a panic, would run back into the house, and absolutely insist that he will need his umbrella. (Slow eye roll) ...but ya' gotta love him!

"Oh Chris...it's just water!"

I, no joke, laid IN a puddle just to get some of these shots.

I have a mirror phone selfie, but my bathroom is dirty haha (I'm serious!) 

I'm messing a little more in Lightroom with "Camera Calibration" sliders

I learned and see NOW, that my images are a bit green, but easy fix!

Does that make this reason #4?

Practice makes perfect....and thats my goal! I will NEVER quit!