Laura Fudge | Preferred Vendor Spotlight


I met Laura when she did my own makeup back in October 2016 for my best friends wedding,

and I just fell in love with her sweet personality!

She is kind, caring and one bad ass super woman, I swear!

Esthetician, educator, makeup artist, Beachbody and resiliency coach, wifey and Mama

...I wasn't kidding!!

Pulled right from a post Laura made:

The way I see it, I help to create deep transformation.💫🔥But, I don’t heal anyone’s skin. I don’t make them see their beauty after a brow wax. I don’t lift their legs or do their squats or open their mouths and pour in shakeology. But my friends and some strangers come to me to help guide them through their own journey. I create safe spaces in the form of classrooms, serene spa rooms, and challenge groups on Facebook. My students and guests and challengers are allowed to wrestle with the good and the bad. With their ups and downs. And you know what? They come out changed 💖. I didn’t do it. They did all the work, but I held the space.

I see it as an immense privilege. It humbles the heck out of me. I hold secrets and tears, embarrassing stories and a lot of darkness. I sit with them in the shadows until they’re ready to walk out to the light. And I do this because I’ve been there, and it brings me peace to help others take the same steps. Learning self love, self compassion, self care 💫🔥... it’s all SO powerful.
— Laura Fudge

You had to see through HER words, just how amazing she really is!

This is why she is one of my preferred vendors. Her work goes WAAAAAYYYY beyond

"just makeup"

When I took my trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park a few weeks back

Laura drove 3+ hours ONE WAY...just to do makeup for my bride!!!

Like I don't even have the words to describe....WOW....JUST WOW!!


She met us in my hotel room during our little break. We had already done our couples session (Read all about Part One HERE)

and it was here where we got ready and loaded up for round two: The Wedding Styled Shoot