Liz + Raimi | Windmill Island | Holland Michigan | Wedding

It all started 8 years ago...

Liz was tucked away in bed, dressed in PJs when her Dad called,

"Get down here, there is someone I want you to meet....NOW!"

...but Liz didn't want too, she was already in PJs, but her curiosity couldn't help herself. So she got dressed, and headed out to Bailey's Bar and Grill in Canton, Michigan. Raimi was working that night, and he just so happened to be serving Liz's Dad. Raimi was kind and very gentle...he just KNEW that was the guy for his daughter!

I bet Liz is extremely thankful her Dad MADE her get out of bed that night?!

After 8 years full of ups and downs, happy and sad times, parties, and engagement....they became HUSBAND and WIFE on June 17th, 2017.

I know this because Liz, is my cousin. I am an attendee to the wedding! I will never base my business off dishonesty and I am NOT the hired photographer for this particular wedding! I am a simple observer of perfect love, and I just love their love!! <3

It was my first time at Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan! Walking up to the windmill is so surreal. It's like it was pulled right from a dream, which totally suits Liz and Raimi as a couple! They are a dream, they are couples goals, and totally in love and meant to be!

Liz you looked so peaceful, so happy, and so in love!

Congrats to you and Raimi and I wish you many, MANY years of happiness!