Preparing for my first Wedding | May 2017

I want to be able to look back at this post and remember all the details and what is was like to prepare for my first BIG wedding! I received a call from Anne, one day about someone in her family....she was getting married!! It wasn't until this year that I started to even entertain the idea of weddings. Two years into my photography journey, I wanted to make sure that I at least had the basic knowledge down. Granted, I am still learning everyday, as we all should be and I have confidence in myself. I've spent quite a few weeks (Time AND Money!) into my first wedding. I've purchased (now 4!!) YN685 Speed-lights, already had 4 stands and mounts, triggers and learned the basics about OCF. I want to be able to light up that reception room, and I have complete confidence that they will get the job WELL done! Looking back....I think about how nervous I was. Everyone in my Facebook groups all scare you away from weddings, and granted I believe you should be ready because they require a great deal of expensive equipment, knowledge and experience. In all reality, you should assist quite a few weddings (most likely for free) first, then second shoot, THEN lead! Definitely, like me to want to jump right in! ...but I also know myself. I love that Heather (soon to be wolf!) is trusting that I will do a GREAT job, and I KNOW I will because I know myself. I know that I will NOT stop learning and doing what I can for her and her big day. It's important to me. A couple weeks back I took all 4 of my flashes to the "Grand Ball Room" at Shriner's Event in Southfield and practiced in the same room where her reception will be! I LOVE that Heather was looking for someone who was sort of new, and I was the perfect match. It was between me and another photographer (who has experience doing weddings?!) and Heather picked me!! Maybe it was how we talked on the phone! We clicked right away, and she knew....just something inside said, "Yep, she is the one!" I remember I was at a dentist appointment that day for my son too, and she called at the most perfect time while I was waiting for my son to finish up! We first met up at a Panera (I LOOOOOVE some broccoli cheddar soup!) and we talked details, top 10 shots, life, and how they met! By the end of the meeting we were all excited and giving hugs! Everything from the planning perspective was last minute, but Heather and Jason have such an amazing backbone of friends and family who helped out! Left and right, we have friends and family helping with the menu, timelines, hair and makeup, and I have the BM and MOH helping me wrangle up the family on the big day for family formals after the ceremony! Even our engagement session was last minute, but I wouldn't change anything for the world. Heather and Jason have hearts of gold and they are seriously SOOOO sweet!! They are one of the lucky ones. The couple you KNOW will make it. Jason is so good to her!