Amber + Stu | Wedding Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Michigan | October 21st, 2017

I had yet, another amazing opportunity to tag along with Marcie | Lead Photographer with

Marcie Kay Photography

Seriously SO TALENTED and she does gorgeous work!!

This by far was one of the most fun weddings I have been too!

NO JOKE....the only time I can use T-rex and Two weddings parties in the same sentence!

Amber decided to change things up a bit with her first look, and...

not gonna lie, it's TOTALLY something I would do as well!

Amber dressed up in T-rex outfit and revealed herself to future hubby!!

The moment was more than fun, but hysterical!!!

I bet groomy was NOT expecting this AT ALL!!! Mounted up at the bottom of the stairs, he waits....

Stu is given the okay to turn around, and WHAAAAAT??????

T-REX is right at the top of the stairs!!! hahahaha everyone is laughing!!!

Stu goes up to help his bride out of the costume, and I offered to buy it because I just want one!!!


Grand Rapids-Wedding-Unique-First Look-Michigan-Grand Rapids Art Museum-

Grand Rapids-Wedding-Unique-First Look-Michigan-Grand Rapids Art Museum-_0005.jpg

I had to share the BEST part first!

Now...we can OHHHH and AHHHHH over some details and beautiful portraits!!!

My 2nd favorite moment was running into a second bridal party on the bride in

Downtown Grand Rapids

I was actually the third person tagging along with Marcie and Ami, for fun!

Something just came over me when I took over (with permission!)

and had this CRAZY idea of "Let's all take one photo together!!" I said to their photographer!!

SO...we did a thing! I took control for just a second, I advised to make sure

they do not block anyone's face, and on 1...2...3....CHEER!!!! SO.MUCH.FUN!

I seriously LOVE how it looks like the world is moving all around them

and they are standing still...or vice versa! Another one of my personal favorite shots!!!

.....and they lived Happily Ever After......

...and then I drove the 2 hours back home after working my own 10 hour wedding the day before...

TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! Love is ALWAYS worth it!!! <3