DIY Newborn Bed | Nature Style

After working the day job, I headed over to my Dads house to work on a little project! It's winter here in Michigan, so it get dark around...noon! Just kidding...more like 5PM. Dad was running late so I decided to head into the garage to see if I could find anything to use to cut down a branch and make myself useful while I wait. Well, all I could find was a hand saw. UGH! haha So I head up stairs, and out the back door, into the back yard. SWEET! I find some branches and ones that I could use. Ones that could be safe and sturdy! Nice and thick branch...which laughs at a hand saw. Seriously, I quit 3 minutes in....PFFT!! Yeah I wait, and my Dad comes outside with his were talking haha! Excuse all the cell phone shots....and the darkness....but I wanted to at least give you SOME visuals!

Here is where my Dad cut down the tree for me...

Excuse the blur too, I was trying to take this (with my cell!) quick! Opps! Dad bought these 2" long or more....bolts, washers and nuts. Like really thick bolts to go through all 4 pegs. Once we had our big branch out by the garage, we began measuring and planning out the posts, and then putting the pieces together! First, we had to pre-drill some holes, so screwing in these bolts would not be as difficult. Check it out...first piece is DONE!

By the end of this part...I was freeing my butt off!! The 4 main (thick) posts had the bolts holding them together. For the (thinnier) more decorative pieces we just used a smaller screw to secure them into place. Each branch that was added, was contributing strength. I took the assembled bed home and kept it by the heater for 24 hours. The wood was soaked and a bit frozen. My Dad claimed that drilling through it was like drilling through cement....but we got it done!

These are all the necessary tools that I used for to build the bottom! 



Tape Measure



I had some spare wood in my shed so I decided to try using that for the bottom. I have totally rigged this project from scratch.

I measured and cut the length for these pieces to fit on the bottom

and simply screwed them down

NOPE! I did NOT like it. I could see a thick board from the side and it just looked horrible. I HAD to take it apart, and so I did! I wasn't worried about it being white because it was going to be hidden by blankets!? So I remember I had a skinnier piece in the shed AND it was already stained. BAM!!

I loved the idea of moss, and wanted to try and see what it looked like. At this point I am already at least an hour or two into the project.

(not including the build day!)

I was trying NOT to google moss and what it looked like...but I probably should have!! Haha I was trying to take my own ideas and make them into something. Sometimes that works for me, and sometimes not! I spent the next two hours, gluing moss spots all over the bed. It looked cooler in my head (Literally laughs out loud!) Grr!

I post in one of my favorite Facebook groups

asking what they think as well...

ALMOST cool! haha The longer I stared at it...the more it became a hairy manly bed!!  haha

....annnnnd the verdict was in from my group. REMOVE THE "MOSS!!"

SO I did...and it took me 5 minutes to remove 2 hours worth of work!!

So this project cost me less than $3.00. Literally, went out into the world to get what I needed and all I had to buy was twine...which I bought 300 Feet off and used all 300 pictured here ^^ Might cost you a little more since I didn't have to buy bolts! ;)

I still feel like it needs something, what do you think?