First ordered 20 page 8x8 Hardcover Press Flat Album has ARRIVED!!

It's HERE...It's HERE!!!

"What's here?" you ask...well, GOOD QUESTION!!

Recently, I decided to include:

A 20 page 8x8 Hardcover Press Flat Album

with all (paid in full) clients who go with my current 2016 session fee. This year my session fees are $250 and ALSO include 20 High Resolution Digital Edited Images! I am SO excited to share what came in the mail today! Before I do that, I would like to say after our session, I edit the photos, show them too you, YOU LOVE THEM, and then I go ahead and design your album. Yes, I design the album, but I let you choose which images will go into the album. You see, that is why I include 20 images, because those images that you choose, will be the ones to go into your album. I design the boring side of things! Layouts, colors, etc...but I actually enjoy it. Sometimes, I may even throw in a little surprise! Like Jen, for example! I had the pleasure of photographing her 1 month old son, Brayden. I haven't seen her in a few years, and it was really nice to catch up with her at our session! I decided to throw in 2 extra images at the end!!