Photographers Workflow Chart

Let me tell you...this project took a while for me to accomplish. Not only because ADD would kick in on a daily basis, but also because I had a few trial and errors! Did you know that if you use (or your kids!) a permanent marker on a dry erase board...its not necessarily stuck forever? I learned this by first spending a few hours measuring out lines and carefully making sure they were straight (using a permanent marker!) after I was done, I was excited to try it out so I started using my dry erase markers and guess what? The permanent marker came right off, right along with the dry erase marker. Don't believe me!? GO AHEAD and try it ;)

Next, I tried to use my dry erase marker (fresh clean from all permanent marker!!) and I tried to tape a very thing string each in little rows and columns...okay, COOL! That looks decent enough. I even used clear tape (about 2 rolls actually and needed more) to pretty much cover the entire board and strings. After a while it just started to look...blah. Unprofessional and I don't know....dirty for lack of a better word. haha. So back to the drawing board and DUH!! Why not use a frame??

I simply just went to my local Walmart and purchased a low budget frame (who knew if THIS idea was going to work?!) and I bought 2 white poster boards (just in case I messed up on one!) total cost was like $9.84! Not bad!! When I got home really all I had to do was print out my logo and measure out the lines. I used a black marker to outline where I wanted my boxes. Inserted this back into the frame and used the glass part to write on. This seemed cleaner and works well enough to keep organized. I will most likely be changing my workflow, for this picture just shows the basics. Of course there is MUCH more work that goes into my flow! I'm too excited to change because finally I can check this off my "to-do" list!! What do you think?