Pallet Wall and Storage Box are FINISHED

I remember browsing around Facebook one day, or somewhere else on the internet and stumbled upon this stage like piece of equipment and I thought to myself, "HEY! I want to build that!" I didn't imagine I would actually get the thing built in 3 days!! I had quite a few pallet pieces leftover from when I built my deck last year from pallets. Also had a few 2x4s leftover as well. Last week, I put together all the pallet pieces in random order on my wall, securing them with screws (I only have drywall screws, but oh well they worked!) The worst part was sanding this whole sucker down. It created quite the mess, got into my eyes, and made it very difficult to breath!! E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G was dusty in my home.


Here is before I sanded. This is the start of my pallet wall. All I had done at this point was screw each board to my wall. Day two was probably the worst, labor wise. Sanding is finally done (Thank you Jesus and to all that is holy) I was sore and had saw dust up my nose and covered my entire upper half of my body! The next step was to stain the wall. Now that it was all smooth and purty. For this step I HIGHLY recommend that you have GOOD ventilation including fans and windows open. This 6x6'ish wall used an entire small can of stain and was very porous. Would you believe that I did not have any windows open? DURRR moment, that's for sure. Don't do what I did! Don't be like Julie in this moment! haha. Anyways....

This was the end of day two. I had also bought a 4x8 plywood board thingy that I had some dude cut for me at Home Depot. Cut into (2) 2x6 and (2) 2x4 that I used to case it. My house WREEEEEAAAAKED...and still does a little as I write this. AGAIN: VENTILATION IS VERY IMPORTANT AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! I really wanted the top to match the pallet wall, but was feeling very lazy. I got to thinking and decided that using pallet board wouldn't word that well on the top and I was better off trying to find a 6' board to go all the way across the top. It wouldn't be safe or secure if I had random boards going across. Some may not have the support they need. I was hoping to save money by using pallets for the top, but I think safety is more important so I decided to hop in the car and head to Menards. I found 1x4x6 standard plank boards and I thought, "Perfect!" I bought 9 and another can of stain and headed back home. I made sure to stain outside this time! After a few hours, I brought the boards back in to screw them into the top supports and WAHHH LAAAA! All done and it loooks beautiful.

Isn't she gorgeous? I can't stop staring at it and can't believe that I built this! I love it so much. Its perfect height too. When I bend down, I am at the perfect height to snap a few pictures. I couldn't help to play a little bit tonight too using my AB400 Paul C Bluff PLM System.

I #DIY the baby girl newborn headband as well! I love everything about these photos and I cannot wait to add a cute, precious baby to the mix! Sound off in the comments if your curious how I built this!