DIY Nature Packaging | Bring Nature inside | Christmas Wreath

I gotta say that I can be pretty handy, and I LOVE anything DIY. Tonight, I decided to try my hand on some packaging for your orders. I tried a few options on an album that is about to go home. I love nature, especially all the greens, so I decided to bring nature inside from the cold!

Cut and ready to go! I want a natural like feel to my packaging, so I used kraft paper to wrap the album. Strapped on some winter snow jammie shorts, and headed outside (I bet the neighbors got a good laugh!!!) Pfft....I don't care! I laugh at myself sometimes!

I cut out a cirlcle from felt, and this will be used as a base

Using the hot glue gun, I glued each piece of pine

going in the same direction.

WAAHH LAAA! Look how simple that is! I love the smell too,

which I think just adds to it! Add a little twine...

Christmas is just around the corner so I decided that I wanted to take my packaging a little bit further. Going the extra mile is just part of your experience with CatchFly Photography!

What do you think? Could I leave something out? Add something in? Try something else? Give me your thoughts?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!