Gorgeous Outdoor Styled Shoot for Weddings in Novi, Michigan

I love natural lighting and the beauty nature has. 

Trust my eye, trust that I can visualize a beautiful scene

I can take a (meh) location, like the first few images

and turn it into something GORGEOUS, just like YOU!!!! :)

I am a sucker for thrift store shopping. I am attracted to the "thrill of what I can find!" Today, I found this beautifully textured, rustic white table, and I could easily visualize this table sitting in a tree/forest like area, surrounded by natural beauty and green pine. I LOVE the smell of fresh pine too by the way!! I love the idea of piecing together decor. Visualizing what would look together, how I could put this together. I love how the light purples, greens, yellows, and whites go together with a moody edit. I darken the shadows to really make all my unique finds...POP!    

Who doesn't love a doughnut cake? I hear these are pretty "IN" right now and EVERYONE is doing them! ;) I love the simplicity of it, and how it can be separate. More finger friendly for all your lovely guests! The colors and the glaze just add right with all the purples and greens. I am pretty sure I even had a curious deer come by! Can you blame him?

You hold the key to my heart

I love this romantic scenery. The flowers are big enough to serve as a private space for just two lovebirds. One who can sit side by side and share their first meal together as Husband and Wife. Eucalyptus is a type of plant, and its one of my favorite small details. I love greens in any palette really.

Wondering off from the grocery aisles, Ifound the "LOVE" sign for only $5. Umm...yes! I must have this rustic piece for my styled shoot! I am also a frequent visitor to another local store, IKEA! I think its actually quite dangerous to only live 15 minutes away from an IKEA!! Walking through its maze like structure, lanterns of all sizes caught my eye. They even had some in black, but my vision wanted to keep things light...and I figured white can go with anything, right? :)

I also found a candle shaped like an outdoor log. I decided to do something a little different and use this candle as opposed to a regular white (soda can size like) candle. Thinking outside the box a little!