Ashley Burke | Maternity Session | September 25th, 2016


It's Halloween night, and Ashley was actually induced this morning! We all know it's going to take A WHILE for anything exciting to happen, probably a few days till Caisen is here, but we are ALL excited!! Let's rewind a bit back to September. Back to the day I was waiting outside, by the front entrance of Erwins Apple Orchard in South Lyon, MI. This was my first time meeting Ashley and she was recommended through a mutual friend. Tons of ideas flowing through my mind as I witness beautiful weather no clouds and OH....MY....GOSH...the most perfect lighting! I start to recognize that maybe Ashley was the one walking up to me...and her sister....and her mother...and her mothers friend, Jean!!! It's a PARTY!! (giggles) I love that she has so many people to support her! After all, Caisen is the first grand I believe that everyone is a little bit excited!! Here is a little peek inside Ashley's maternity session! 

The last image reminds me of a post that Ashley's Mother made and it gave me sooooo many "feels!" In this image you see a sun flare, but I love Michelle's analogy of it. A few months back, Ashley lost a very dear friend of hers. They were extremely close. This right here is a screen shot of her post and it hits right home. I just love that they look at this image, and their friend Paige is the first person they think of. Almost like she was right there with us! It gives you shivers and it gives us hope that her spirit still lives on and watches over Ashley and her family. This right here is one of MANY reasons why I love what I do. I can deliver this to you, for you to remember forever. You can find her in all the rainbows! <3


All right Ashley!!! NOW, it's time to have that baby! I can't wait to meet him in the NEW STUDIO (that story to be continued....)