Why You Should HIRE ME!

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I'll run around to find Aunt Sally for extra bobby pins, or mom to fix a snap on your bridesmaid dress, or grab my personal "911" caboodle because Uncle Jerry had one too many and spilled some wine all over someone's dress. (Thank God for Tide Pens right?) I love to not only be your photographer for the day, but your extra hand! I am even there for you right from the beginning at our first consultation. For your engagement shoot. I've even been known to help set up a little at your rehearsal dinner (which I wouldn't miss for the world!) I am very caring, and LOVE pleasing my brides! Thanks to years of customer service and parenting, not much gets past me! Your comfort and ease of mind are my number one priorities. Leave it to me, I thrive in a beautiful chaos!

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Whether it be with your DJ to keep each other on the same page, or throughout the entire year of planning together. You can guarantee that I WILL respond back VERY fast!! I pride myself on this kind of communication actually. I am often planning 14+ weddings, newborn and other sessions at a time, so really it satisfy the OCD to promptly answer all my messages/emails/texts in a quick manor. Its just part of your A+ experience with Catchfly Photography.



In order for me to create authentic, candid moments I give my clients something to do. I instruct an action or a cue for you to re-enact which helps to create real emotion. This helps my clients to feel more at ease and creates a more natural look. I want our sessions to be built around who you are as a couple. I don't want to be the one to memorize a shot list (family formals are the exception!) ...but I want to just go with the flow, vibe off your love, and go on an adventure together! Show me things you love doing together, and let's photograph that!

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You totally dig my nature like elements, natural lighting, and earthy like tones. You already fell in love with all my work in my , and now you want it too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE deep, bold tones with tons of color pop. My favorite thing to do is texturize the environment and incorporate as much nature as possible.

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OH-EM-GEE! So do I...traveling really gets my creative juices flowing. New adventure really gets me excited and I do not mind traveling to you to photograph your perfect day! I have the gas and miles covered and I'll meet 'cha there!

2006 Teardrop Dutchman T@B Camper

Camper Life

Over a year ago now, I purchased a 2001 Pop Up Camper which I used for (not only) personal camping with my son, but for wedding weekends that are 2 hours or more from Farmington Hills, where I am located. It’s GENIUS really. I used my pop up to camp for the weekend. It helps to keep travel costs low for the both of us. I am able to be in the area the night before (VERY important for me as I love to be on time!) and then rest after a long, 10 hour day full of hard work. Sometimes, I will even take that Sunday to explore the area a little bit. I LOVE traveling to new locations. After a year experimenting with this on my own, I decided it was time to trade up and get what I have always wanted. A SOLID unit. I literally want to pull up and be done haha Ask me how we can take this camper out for an adventure engagement session as well! Think West side- Warren Dunes (Been there!)

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I know you can handle my spontaneous innovative moments, my passion for art, and adventurous wild side. I mean, I'm in this for you! I wouldn't put it past me to consistently come up with new ideas of what looks good. You might even hear a lot of "OMG...let's try this....or....come over here I just LOVE this spot..." I've been told several times that my positive, yet creative energy feeds others the same way!



Wait till you see what my timelines look like? I help you plan your timeline throughout the year. You will find that my timelines are organized in a such a manor that allows for the most photos taken within the time given. I plan everything as much as possible, knowing that things do not always go to plan, and I work on back up plans (just in case). NO question is a “stupid” question and in fact, I invite all questions. I respond quickly with answers, advice, and tips!

Let’s schedule a meeting and let me show you a full online gallery + timeline examples. I bet you leave our meeting feeling excited, inspired, happy and ready to book!


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