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Everything but the dress. . . You need timeline help, I got you!

I know how long things typically take and can help you plan and create one from scratch.

You’re driving, totally dreaming about the big day and have a question. . .

email me and I will respond back SUPER fast!

(If not. . . I’m on the bus or photographing other bomb ass couples such as yourself!)

Expect things to be super organized!! #OCDmanaged

Just wait till you see my New Client Guide, full of TONS of advice and tips!

Girl, all you have to do is find the perfect dress. Send me a photo and let me totally LOVE

all over the one that made you tear up!!

Engagement Session

All engagement sessions are complementary to most booked wedding packages. Engagement sessions are sometimes referred to as "Get to Know Me" sessions. This is a time where we can goof off, go on an adventure, play around and really get a feel for each others personalities. It's recommended that we find a babysitter to watch your children during this time, so you have time to focus on each other. Don't worry, we will have plenty of time to include the kiddos during the big day!

Ask me how we can make it an adventure session!

CLICK the photo to see a gallery of engagement sessions in the blog.

Mackinaw City Wedding.jpg

Wedding Details

I seriously am a huge sucker for all the details! You spent so much time (and money) planning every little detail. The details encompass many memories that remind you of your day and I want you to look back at your album and just remember every.little.detail. You can expect this to be the first thing I focus on while you get ready. I ask that my brides have everything ready for me in a box before my arrival.

Great Lakes Culinary Center Wedding-22.jpg

Getting Ready

A time for mimosas and girl talk, and I'm not just talking about the guys, haha! (TOTALLY KIDDING by the way) The guys like cigars, watches, sports and ya know….manly stuff! I totally get it. This is a time, where everyone is getting ready. New tags are ripped off, makeup is applied and hair is done! LARGE windows that allow as much natural lighting as possible are my favorite! (Keep this in mind when choosing a location to get ready!) This is also the time where we do a first look with your future hubby.



The moment is FINALLY here. Months of planning have come down to the final hour! It's in this moment, where it really hits you and nerves are soaring, palms are sweaty (did you just start singing an Eminem song? Me too!) but all that seems to melt away the moment you lock eyes with your future husband. You find yourself slowly walking towards him, with the biggest smile. The second most important moment in your entire life is about to happen! I say second because....well....just wait till you have babies together! Don’t worry, I got you then too! I do newborn photography as well. #justsayin <3

Laura + Mark-330 Lawrence Michigan.jpg

Family Formals

This is one of those rare moments where you actually have ALL of your closest family members in the same room with you! I make sure to do my absolute best to make sure all family members are looking sharp and I take three on three (just in case we have blinkers!) I like to do family formals immediately after the ceremony/marriage license signing. This part I like to keep traditional as is posed. Unless I give you a fun task of blowing bubbles with the fam.

Great Lakes Culinary Center Wedding-36.jpg

Bridal Party

A time to be with your girls, to see it all come together, and all your friendship come to life! A moment to share with the boys. The girls always love the posed, yet candid photos (SHH. . . I do too!!) and the guys always find it fun to do funny shit, like peeing in the bushes, climbing ladders, or manly face-funny photos (ALWAYS down for a good time and laugh!!)

Happy 1 year.jpg

Bride and Groom Portraits

It's no secret that bride and groom photos are my favorite part of the day...that and cathedral veils!!! ...but not just because the moments you share on the day you become husband and wife are nothing short of magical, but because these photos are the photos you will share for the rest of you life!!!! Everything including this portion of the day are THAT important to me. TOTALLY wouldn’t be mad if you make them your Facebook Profile Pics either or posted photos you printed and hung up on your wall. I can help you there too! Just ask how!! I want you to be in your moment together. Let all the feelings really sink in and just be who you two are together...I will handle the rest!

Great Lakes Culinary Center Wedding-71.jpg


Now, it’s time to PAAAARRRR-TAY! Time to get down and unwind with all of your closest friends and family. Grab a drink and let me capture all of the rest! I would advise friends and family that if they drink too much….and pass out at their table…I WILL take all the photos! ;) All in good fun! I am fully equipped with knowledge and gear to handle any reception venue. I’ve spent numerous hours educating myself with Off Camera Flash and taking several in person, hands on workshops. TRUST ME. . . waaaay better than cell pics!! #duhright?!

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