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Julie Palmer Catchfly Photography Novi Michigan

Established in 2015

I bet we go together like milk 'n cookies, like butter on bread, like Nutella and spoon! (Am I hungry!?) I want you to choose me because we click (pun intended!) I accept a limited number of weddings/newborns per year and it's solely based on how we vibe together. Let's face it...we are going to be spending a great deal of time together! Falling in love with your spouse was fall in love with me, what I do, and how I do it! So if you're down for an adventure, bring coffee (or fireball!) and let's chat!

++ A boy calls me, "Mom" and he is my reason!

++ I love random adventures (even planned ones too!)

++ I have found a new love in hiking!

++ (Insert FUNNY quote here) 'cause weird humor is my jam.

++ Luke Bryan + Eric Church = LOVE

++ I have an OBSESSION with waterfalls, and I would spend an entire lifetime seeing them ALL if I could!

++ Just give me a warm night with the windows down on an open road and a good song. WARNING: I sing off key!

++ I have lists EVERYWHERE. I even joke that one day I will get a tattoo of a sticky note on my hand, because they end up there too!

++ I've lost 100lbs, and kept 90% of it off!!

++ I train for 5ks, 10ks, and ice cream! (I'm making this a t-shirt!)

++ I dig anything DIY and love a good thrift store hunt.

++ If any of this sounds like YOU, we might just get along