the adventurous types. . .

the nature lovers..

the goofy souls.

I bet we go together like milk 'n cookies, like butter on bread, like Nutella and spoon! (Am I hungry!?) I’m here to throw in a few jokes, just to get you to smile. I’m ready to run around, just so you can relax. I’m here every single step of the way when you have questions or need timeline help. I got you! I want you to choose me because we click (pun intended!) I accept a limited number of weddings per year and it's solely based on how we vibe together. Let's face it...we are going to be spending a great deal of time together!

Falling in love with your spouse was fall in love with me, what I do, and how I do it!


If you’re cool with the fact that I OVERUSE exclamations then we just might get along!!! THIS IS YOUR WEDDING!!!!!! I’m your sidekick chick (that rhymed!)

I will be 100% honest with you and quick as hell responding back to any and all questions!!

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Choose your Adventure:


The Dress. The Flowers. The Invitations. The Guest List. The Dancing.

You want IT ALL. It’s always been in your nature to go all out and the traditional way is how you want it to go!



There is nothing like the anticipation, the unknown of a new place. Exploring something new. It makes you feel so alive, so free, and so incredibly happy. A place to be alone, with your partner in your own beautiful space. I am someone who understands the need to cut the guest list and go somewhere unimaginably gorgeous. I vibe with your adventurous spirit and need to take things outdoors.

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Read what my Brides have to say!

I could start this review by talking about the things that did not go as planned for my wedding day but there’s no point. The night of my special day was perfect just because of Julie. If it wasn’t for her I feel like nothing would have fell into place. Julie is not just a photographer; she’s a caring, warm hearted person who’s down to earth and definitely has patience. It was a rough night rounding up people for photos but she managed to pull it off.( I know I wouldn’t have been able to. ) She helped reschedule the night activities along with keeping in contact with my Dj about changes. You see, I have never met Julie before this, so for this to be our first time meeting, it was beyond amazing. I’m pretty sure it was only a couple hours of knowing each other I said I love you about 20 times. She has the perfect eye for beautiful shots and I know her photos will turn out awesome! I’d never recommend another photographer. Once again, Julie I love you! 😁
— Taylor Spratt
Where do I even start... well I started exactly where you are starting. I was stalking all of Catchfly Photography’s reviews and photos on The Knot, Facebook, IG, Google, everywhere I could to find the perfect wedding photographer for my June wedding of 2019. From the initial emails to our engagement photos to weeks and days leading up until the wedding to our wedding day, I have absolutely NOTHING negative to say about Julie. She is detailed (her wedding timelines are perfect!), upbeat, fun, flexible, corky and super honest!! I feel like I’ve gain another friend by having her as my wedding photographer! She has exceeded our expectations and I have faith she will for you as well! Thank you Julie for making our wedding day stress free and fun! Love, The Clicks
— Raven Click
Julie was literally a dream come true!! she was so adventurous!! In one moment she jumped up onto a 10 foot wall that was crumbling (like what?!) JUST to get the photo!! THAT is Julie!! That is her as a photographer. I DREAMED OF a photographer that was adventurous and willing to travel, like her!! I truly believe we landed upon her for a reason because she is literally my dream come true. I had always envisioned INSANELY beautiful shots for my wedding with unique styles and locations! Julie figured all of this out and made it happen off of a 15 min conversation right before my wedding!! I am so blessed to have her photograph our wedding! If I could do it all over again I would still choose her to come with us in a heart beat!! Thank you!!
— Kaley Dillingham