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Lindsey + Kyle | Wedding Styled Shoot | Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio
DIY Nature Packaging | Bring Nature inside | Christmas Wreath

I gotta say that I can be pretty handy, and I LOVE anything DIY. Tonight, I decided to try my hand on some packaging for your orders. I tried a few options on an album that is about to go home. I love nature, especially all the greens, so I decided to bring nature inside from the cold!

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My editing buddies!

A couple of days ago my one friend had posted that Oakland County Animal Shelter

was giving away FREE puppies and kitties, so my son and I decided to check it out.

We drove the 45 minutes one way deciding on names.

Our intention was to walk out with one girl,

but we left with TWO brothers, and I do NOT regret that decision at all!

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Gorgeous Outdoor Styled Shoot for Weddings in Novi, Michigan

Thinking about how I would like my first styled shoot to go, I decide to just go for it. I start piecing things together, things that I love...and I head out into the outdoors and just shoot! I wish I had some models for today too but that can wait for another day! Next planned one......

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IPS Checklist

If you know know that I have lists EVERYWHERE!! With that said, I have made it a goal to transition into IPS (In Person Sales) for 2017. NO MORE S&B (SHOOT AND BURN!! as we like to call it) Although, ALL my sessions have been fun with all my clients that have turned into friends, I miss the BEST part, and that is seeing your reaction to all your images. I have decided that I no longer can stand this, and my reveal sessions will be 2 weeks after our session!! SO I created a list that I MUST complete by January 1st, 2016 (Even if I stay up late....on the computer....and my butt hurts from now!)

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DIY Coffee Mugs for Couples

Since I left the day job earlier today at 3, I have been last minute planning my styled engagement session for this Saturday! I am SO EXCITED for it. Not only is it supposed to be nice outside, I have the most gorgeous couple modeling for me! You are going to LOVE what I put together, but for tonight I was working on making some DIY Coffee mugs to use during the shoot. Hmm....what do I want to write on Google I go!

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Knowing the Value in Custom Photography