Halie + David | Seven Lakes State Park, Holly Michigan | Engagement Session August 11th, 2019

Halie + David booked up one of the most anticipated June dates! They were my first couple to book for 2020 and here we are now, doing their engagement session at

Seven Lakes State Park in Holly, Michigan

We all love everything nature, so we found all the cute little spots, ‘especially a little secluded lake spot where we did all the twirls and running (I might have had them run like 3 times while I watched…err…took all the photos!) haha but these two are young and have been together for 9 YEARS!!!! High School sweethearts! <3 That doesn’t happen very often these days, trust me! I know ALLLLL about the dating world and how “Swipe Next” it is. So anyways, majority of the time I like to start with what I call the “Mom Pose” this is the only one we warm up with where you look at me and then later in life…Mom prints it for the home! ;) ….but my favorite reactions are the ones where I give you something to do and the real emotions come out. Clearly, you can see how much love they have for each other and after 9 years!! It’s been a little fun too experimenting with some black and white photos a little more as well and the way I am using negative space. Driving around Seven Lake State Park, we found a little field of yellow flowers so of course we had to stop!! Halie alone and its almost like, “NEW PROFILE PIC"!!!” haha but I love the one she chose now!! (P.S. I secretely LOVE when you do that. Make our photos one of your profile pics and then change your cover photo on Facebook as well!! I take and edit all the photos, but that’s it. Afterwards, I like seeing what you actually do with all my hard work!! I love seeing them on Save the Dates too (Halie, don’t forget to send me one too!!) I was SO HAPPY when David pointed out/saw the pile of sticks I was REALLY hoping to find at Seven Lakes State Park so DUH! We did all the photos by them!! We even found the little concrete dock that I was hoping to find as well and it almost looks as if they are floating there! Last, but not least we headed towards the campground area (I am TOTALLY coming back here to camp one day!) because to our surprise they had two hot air balloons go up when we got to the top of the hill. TOTALLY NOT expecting that to happen and what perfect timing right!?