Katie + Austin | Sleeping Bear Dunes Maple City Engagement Session | July 25th, 2019

While we had our Facetime meeting, before they booked Katie had talked about the possibility of doing an engagement session as well…the challenge was that they live in California!! …but honestly I saw this as a fun opportunity since I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel. I’m ALWAYS down to see new places and I had never been to Sleeping Bear Dunes before. What I loved the most were the stories. The stories about how Katie used to spend most of her childhood days at Sleeping Bear Dunes. She knew the legands and tales of the Mama bear and her two cubs…I was intrigued. I grew up sheltered, and haven’t traveled much which is probably why I have such a HUGE love and interest for it now. SO…we planned on doing their engagement session the week of their wedding (yep! It’s tomorrow as I type this!! haha) We planned for me to come to the Traverse City KOA on Wednesday. I was going to use this day for setting up, planning and buying all the food for the week. Thursday was the big Engagement Session day and Friday was meant for exploring and re-cooperating from a strenuous sand hill climb!! They are probably finishing up rehearsal as I type this and I’m excited to see them both tomorrow. I didn’t have to do much directing with them. Katie knew everything to say and do to keep Austin engaged. I think it also helps that they really like each other too and you can tell they have crazy good chemistry yo’ Directing them, or lack there of, tomorrow is going to be a piece of cake!!! That kind of love makes for the BEST photos…that and beautiful light! haha

Today, is Friday…the day after their engagement session and I have a few recommendations if you are ever in the Traverse City, Michigan area.

Camping: Traverse City, Michigan KOA (Always Kozy-see what I did there?!)

Food: The Little Fleet (By FAR the best damn tacos EVER!!! Great Margarita too)

Scenery: Pyramid Point Trail/Overlook (I want to bring Katie + Austin back here Sunday Night!)

Food: Moomer’s Homemade Ice Cream (So many flavors!!!! Try Butter Pecan in a waffle cone)