Honeymoon Destination Spotlight | Couples Resorts Negril, Jamaica

For any of my Brides (and future brides!) looking for a honeymoon spot,

this is the place to go! Just 5 total flight hours and BOOM! You are there!

Couples Resorts in Negril, Jamaica

Perfect, white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and gorgeous sunsets!

I went in February, and I'll take this kind of "winter" ALL-YEAR-ROUND!

I would go back in a HEARTBEAT!!!

(Although, maybe next time I will bring my man...just have to find him first!)

...but for you! If you are looking for a place to relax, put your feet up, and not worry about a thing, you really should click the link above! ^^^^

Relax together in a hammock by the beach...

Get a massage (I totally recommend a Swedish Massage on the beach!!) 

Walk around the deck, layout by the pool, soak up some Vitamin D!

...choose a drink, try it and then try another one....because you can!

Food all day long, whenever, however!

Order from the grill, or catch the buffet.

Have you ever been in a hot tub while raining?

I have...twice now as it sprinkled and we jumped right in! SO RELAXING!!! 

Everyday, was a new flavored water! (Pictured was apple water)

I've tried watermelon, kiwi, apple, and orange!

The locals are extremely nice and the happiest people you will ever meet!

Always willing to help and make sure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable!

Want to have a drink while laying out on the beach? No problem 'mon

Flip that flag up right side up and they come right to YOU!!!! Bring you whatever you want!

I would suggest the dirty banana and rum punch!

(Make sure you pack an insulated cup to keep your drinks in and order two at a time!!)

You might even find some local resort cats, who are super friendly and you can feed them!

Want to get married here? Send me an email and LETS CHAT!

I have photographed one wedding here so far and I would LOVE to come back!!!

I probably will regardless!! <3 #onelove