Kate + Nick | Celery Flats, Portage Michigan | Wedding June 23rd, 2018

I brought my pop up to their engagement session and I was able to bring it along again to their wedding day! I like to bring my pop up in order to save on travel fees. Hotels and their fees give me anxiety when I am basically just paying to sleep….okay maybe shower too! haha

Anyways! Kate + Nick wedding was the start of my trip. I was making my way towards Chicago for a workshop with Twig and Olive photography!!! I have loved and followed Twig and Olive since they first became Twig and Olive, but for those who do not know…pretty much the whole 3 years I have been doing photography. Friday, after work…I made my way towards their venue at Celery Flats in Portage, Michigan. As much anxiety as it gave me, I stayed in a hotel the first night as I just found it to be easier, set up wise. Can you imagine how funny it was to see my pop up parked in a hotel parking lot!! I was asked about it by a few people which I explained that I was making my way towards Chicago!

Kate + Nick wedding was full of boho themes and eucalyptus everywhere (totally my fav!) One of my favorite memories from their wedding was Kate + her father and their first dance. Kate had a 2nd dress that she changed into the 2nd half of the day and during their dance she someone managed to fall (GASP!!) ….but what I love the most was how much of a good sport she was about it. Its what I would do too. She got right back up, and shared a good laugh with everyone. Its the little imperfections that make your day just that much more special! I love that she didn’t let it ruin her day either!! Those are my kinna people!!