Lindsey + Kyle | Couples Session | Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio


Please bring me ALL the most adventurous couples like Lindsey and Kyle

Couples so in love with each other and nature!

Ones that don't mind a little dirt....and will hike in a wedding dress and boots!

Friday, August 11th, 2017 Lindsey and Kyle actually attended a wedding in Grand Rapids.

They had planned to leave around 9PM that night, but ended up having too much fun!!

(leaving around 11PM)

Driving from Grand Rapids to Cuyahoga Valley took about 5 hours and arriving around 4:30AM

Seriously, though...that is what makes them such troopers though!!

I remember it actually surprising me though, expecting them to be there a little later,

giving Nick and I some time to explore (which we still did while they slept a little bit!)

Around 1:30PM that day, we all met up in the parking lot at Ledges Trail.

4 years ago, Lindsey and Kyle first saw each other at a dance club on Halloween.

Kyle was dressed as a life guard, which instantly attracted Lindsey, thinking "Wow, he's cute!"

...but they didn't officially meet that night! It wasn't until a few months later...

Lindsey had been Skyping with a mutual friend of theirs. Kyle happened to be hanging out with this mutual friend after Church and somehow he took over the laptop, and they started talking!

They hit it off almost instantly! He was so easy to talk to! (I could tell when I met him as well)

After a few months of talking, they decided to meet up for a REAL first date in Mackinaw City

(Talk about first date goals, right!? One where the guy actually...ya know...makes effort! GASP!)

They walked around to all the local shops by the water and enjoyed some ice cream together.

A few months after their first date, Kyle took Lindsey to Tahquamenon Falls and they spent the afternoon adventuring, hiking and enjoying nature! After a while Kyle walked Lindsey out into the middle of some shallow falls, and it was there, where he asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend....WOW! Just WOW....serious props to you Kyle, so romantic!!!!

The rest was history!

They spent the majority of their relationship long distance, as their colleges were 4 hours apart,

but they were able to spend a summer in Haiti with the Hands and Feet Project and

one summer together at Spring Hill working as camp counselors.

Being apart was hard for them, but it taught them about good communication, which is an essential part of a strong relationship!

These two are seriously BEST FRIENDS! Totally comfortable with each other and goofballs!

Enjoy part one of my styled weekend in Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio

Everything I planned for this weekend, was everything and more!!

Cleaning off a dirty butt...haha


One of my favorite things about them....Goofballs just like me!


...and then I ask, "Whisper something dirty in her ear..." and Kyle says...


I would die laughing too!!! hahahahaha


I couldn't thank you both enough! Thank you SO MUCH Lindsey + Kyle!!

You two are goals, seriously!