My First Feature | Walnut Photo Box + USB Product Photo

For something so small to someone else, means so much to someone like me!

Quiet a few months ago (Maybe even a year+ longer??) I found Hanging Branch

I fell in love with their style and loved all their products!

I literally remember the day I clicked on their USB tab on their website

scroll just a little bit.....


my jaw (NO JOKE) dropped to the floor, and right then and there I was like,

"YUP! That is what I want to offer my clients right there!!"

I found the CUTEST little USB. It has a cork top and its a little glass bottle

It gave me the impression like it was a "Message in a bottle"

Which are your digital files of course. We live in a digital age after all right?


I thought they would look SO CUTE stuffed with moss and or other organic type materials

What do you think?


Hanging Branch LOVED my product images!

They asked to feature one of them on Instagram!

You can find it here:

HOW COOL IS THAT!?!! I'm sure it will be the first of many!! ;)

I have the best front porch for photos like these