BEST way to cut a little boys hair!

Nothing more personal than writing a few of your OWN blog posts here we are, at our seasonal campsite in Jackson, MI.

Where my family and I go to "glamp" almost every weekend.

No, seriously....we have cable there! I wouldn't mind a tent by the river sometimes too,

but nothing beats a weekend by the fire with family!

Anyways!! My Grams has her own place there as well, and we decided

to give my little nephew a haircut! <3

So, just like when we put a wobbly, plastic chair out, to dye my hair...

(YES! I have done this before and laughed WITH everyone who saw me! Pfft! Don't care!)

...we put his high chair in the same spot, right smack dab in the middle of the yard!!


Grams Gets Ready!

Tried to put a cape on, but NOPE! My nephew is stubborn and didn't want it!

(Sad Face)

Nope! Not a fan, at all! 



Mama had to hold him! It was the ONLY way to finish what we started! Hashtag SPOILED