Sydney + Eric | Engagement October 28th, 2017 | Adventure Couples Session Rockwood MI

I've really started to move towards making my engagement sessions all about

WHO my couples are, what they like to do, hobbies, favorites dates, whatever!

It's all a part of the getting to know you experience with Catchfly Photography

I have to say that I am totally stoked Amanda with Amanda Groendyke: Photographer

referred these two to me! I love who they are and where they are getting married!!!

Camp Newaygo next year, fall.

I was pretty much SWAMPED the entire month of October, and Sydney had the most patience...

hoping and praying all the fall colors would stick around till the end of the month

and thank GOD, all the colors did. I would say this year peeked kind of late?!

That honestly makes me the happiest, that even though it was beyond my control

we were still able to incorporate PLENTY of fall colors into our couples adventure session!

SO....the morning of our session, I head out on my 2 hour drive towards Rockford, MI

I don't mind the drive though, I actually LOVE driving and will do just about ANYTHING for

some new travels! I love exploring and I love couples down for an adventure,

so that's what we did....

I met Sydney and Eric at their apartment and they

had so many outfits and shoes picked out, haha!

I don't really mind though. This is your time, make it all your own. It's a different story when

changing takes a long time, but when you're totally down to just change right in the

parking lot....BOOM! We're good! haha

We started Downtown Rockford...they spent the majority of their relationship here,

even sharing their first place together! They would take walks along the Rockford, dam.

Eventually moving around downtown in a circle, stopping at ALL the beautiful locations

AND (GUSH!!!) her RING, OMG! So I had to try a few spots out,

giving her ring the total spotlight! (Trust me...just wait till you see!!!!)

Next, was Townsend Park and then Pickerel Park

The funniest part, was stopping by Eric's parents house to get a few memorable photos.

His Dad was mowing the front yard with his ride on John Deere,

giving us all the weird, funny looks!! haha

Downtown Rockford, MI

First Home Shared

(See in the background!)