Annah and Robery Staffiery | Couples

I met Annah and Robert Staffiery when I did their newborn photos for their son, Jaxon. Immediately, I was drawn to them! I love how real they are, how much they appreciated my time and effort. People like Annah and Robert, turn into really good friends, I would do anything for ( mess with them you mess with me, and I'm whipping out the pool noodles on yo' ass!) When Annah told me they do not have any photos together....I thought, "OH NO NO NO...This cannot happen!" I'm talking not even WEDDING PHOTOS!!! (Insert WIDE eyes here!)

We started to plan, and I had the PERFECT idea for them! Camping, hot chocolate, and s'more style. I mean who doesn't love s'mores and cuddling right?! goofy ass, you did SO GOOD picking out her ring too! I'm jelly!

 These two have known each other for 8+ years, married for 4....and STILL so in love today!

My favorite part is how goofy they can be together, and they are seriously my #relationshipgoals!

They share a love for bud light (honestly, my beer of choice too. Haters gon' hate!)

Oh....and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you two!!