Annah and Robert Staffiery | Newborn Session | CatchFly Photography Home Studio Novi, MI

They say that it just happens, when it happens...right?

Well...first what are we talking about here?



Finding the one, your other half, meeting your future hubby (or wifey!)

Currently, I am a single mother to my 7 year old son...and I am just waiting for this moment to happen? Picturing what that day will be like? Has it already happened...and I never noticed? Do I already know him? Was he hit by a bus? haha Lucky for Annah...her time had come! It was about 7 years ago, she had mutual friends introduce her to Robert and they were the best of friends for about a year, till one mustered up the courage to ask her out! The rest is history....

Love is not something that you find by searching for it. Love is something that finds you when you least expect it

Annah and Robert have been together and married for a total of 7 years now. They share a daughter, named Kinsley and she just turned two this past July. I had the privilege to meet little miss the day of our session.

Monday September 12th, was around 6pm and I was rushing to try and get my new background hung up on the wall. Annah ended up having their son a week early when she found out that she was 9cm and then delivered about 45 minutes later. Everything happened so quickly that Robert wasn't even able to make it to the birth...but I'm sure seeing his cute little face made up for it...and boy! Let me tell you....that cute face DEFINITELY makes up for it! (Just you wait!!) Knock....knock....on my door and I open to see Annah standing there. There is NO WAY she JUST had a baby...she is gorgeous! I mean...I gained 70lbs pregnant with my son...I was a whale, and could have had twins! haha but not Annah! Kinsley (as cute as she is) was standing right by her Mama, very shy! I asked her what her name was and then she backed up behind Mama! She was so adorable, and I was now on a mission to get her to laugh and smile!

We walk inside my studio. I've worked SO HARD lately to make sure my clients feel welcome and comfortable in my home studio. I bought a new sectional couch which is SO comfortable. I found a mini fridge so I could offer beverages and laid out snacks and games. I even tried turning on Netflix for the first time and we were able to turn on some cartoons for little miss...but she wanted to be by her brother! I like to leave the option up to my clients...they are more than welcome to leave me to it and work with baby while they relax or they can sit nearby and watch. I feel its best that Parents relax. Sometimes babies can smell Mama, and that keeps them awake and squirmy, but he was a fighter already. 3 days old...and really making me fight for those poses...but it never worries me. As opposed to me in my day life, I have the most patience when it comes to newborns. THEY are the boss, and I work around THEIR needs. How comfortable THEY feel.

Before I go any further, WORLD...let me introduce you to......

Jaxson Ryder Staffiery

Born September 9th, 2016

6.13lbs 19 inches

Did you just die? I absolutely this photo! I am so proud and Jaxson made me work for it, but I don't mind a good challenge! In fact it helps me grow. There's nothing more I like than hands on! It's the best way I learn...and here is my first REAL attempt at a true head on hands pose! I always practice safety when it comes to newborns so let me just share that this pose is a COMPOSITE! This is two images fused together in Photoshop. I have enough experience, and enough intelligence to understand that baby CANNOT simply hold their heads up like this. (Ask me how this is done in the comments!)

I love this image SO MUCH! I was able to get another pose I was practicing on, which was the side layered pose...

Perfection right!! I continued trying on a pair of #upcycle #DIY newborn pants and matching pillow...

Let's debut Kinsley, shall we! Here she is protecting her brother, wanting to be near her brother, and wanted to hold him...

So there you have it! First comes love...then come marriage...then comes baby in a baby carriage....again!!! They are so in love and so perfect for each other. Truth be told, they have this single lady a bit jealous, ('specially when he professed his love for her today and thanked her for giving him everything he has ever wanted!! GAWWWWWWW!!!!!!! They do exist ladies!! There is tiny bit of hope for the rest of us!! ) but more so very happy for them and their family together! I look forward to watching Jaxson and Kinsley grow together and I will see them at their next session! You are one very lucky girl, Annah...I couldn't tell you that any more and I am happy to have met you all!