Erica Archer and Stephen Jarrell | Couples Session The Law Quad Ann Arbor, MI

    Honestly, learning about new locations to shoot at for my clients is the fun part. It's like opening a present on Christmas morning....well at least the exploring part is! I wanted to have this session to showcase not only a beautiful, so in love couple, but to show you (my potential and current clients) what I can do, and in the beautiful locations they recommend! That's how I found out about the Law Quad in Ann Arbor, MI. I have an eye for this, and I went into it with complete confidence.

    One day, I was sitting in my living room thinking about how I can make things better for my clients? How can I expand? What more can I offer? How can I make things easier for my clients? Trust me! I am ALWAYS thinking about YOU!! I have recently decided that I would love to offer couples/engagement sessions to my clients. I want to experience your love. To hear about how you met! How you fell in love! Your love story! I want to see it unfold in front of my camera. I want to make it seem like I am not even there, that you feel so comfortable in your own bubble that capturing your love story is easy! 

    SO....this is how we start our journey...I used to work with Erica at a local Mexican restaurant. Oh my gosh....some nights I swear I wanted to pull my hair out, but Erica was always one to be so nice to me, to help calm me down, to not let horrible things get to me or bother me. When she contacted me about doing a session with the love of her life, was NO question! How fun! Erica was the one to introduce me to the beautiful Law Quad in Ann Arbor. Whats the "Law Quad?" I ask! haha She told me to Google it, and let me tell didn't disappoint! DONE! Yes, let's go THERE!!! Finally, the day comes and I am able to meet up with Erica downtown, and its been almost a year since I have seen her and she is wearing a beautiful blue dress from Old Navy. I am FINALLY able to meet the famous Stephen she always talked about. We shake hands and we are on our way towards the Law Quad from the Thompson parking structure. As we are walking, I am stopped by beautiful greens growing up a wall and I say, "OH!! I just love this wall, lets start here!!" Such a beautiful, fun loving couple and I enjoyed every minute of our session. Like a kid in a candy store, I was in complete awe of all Ann Arbors beautiful architecture! Afterwards, it was fun to get some food and try some craft beers...which I learned was not for my taste buds haha but it was more about the experience we all had trying something new! :)

What a goof! I love when clients can let loose and have a bit of fun!