Hall Family | Belle Isle Early Morning Mentoring Family Session

I couldn't tell what I was doing the day I was browsing Facebook and saw a post Keri Deziel with K&D Photography posted in our Michigan Candid Babes group...but I do remember that it caught my eye and I was excited! For a very small fee, I could attend a mentoring session AND have some head shots done at the end. I thought this was perfect! Not only would I have the opportunity to meet other local photographers, I would be able to learn a few things, have some more images to add to my beautiful family portfolio, AND have some professional images taken of me to use in my (future) About me page! SOLD! The funny part was, in all my excitement...I must have forgotten how to read properly!! When I read it the first time, the post talked about a family session at sunset. How cool! I could find me a babysitter after I got out of work at 3pm and have time to eat, and drive the 45 minute trip to Belle Isle. I called my step mom and she said she could watch my son. Now, it was written in the books. It wasn't until AFTER it was paid for did I reread the post to make sure that I got all the details right that I seen that it said sunRISE!!! How do you mix that up? HAHA!! OPPS! So I made new arrangements for my stepmom to keep my sun in the morning (DID you notice I wrote SUN? Now we're all mixed up!!) I remember the night before I could NOT sleep! Not only did I message a boy I hadn't talked to in a few weeks, I was nervous and excited to meet new people. Others who had the same interest as I do. A love we shared. Nerves got the best of me, and I stayed up all night...well till 4am when my alarm went off to get ready! I straightened my hair, made me some delicious coffee, and put on my new dress I bought just for this session! I wanted to look cute and professional ('specially for the head shots) I head out the door around 5am....and POOF! There goes my hair....CRAP! Its humid outside. (Insert GRRR Face!!) I can't put my hair up either or it will create a crease...and nobody wants that. So I plug in my iPod and head out to Belle Isle. First I meet up with Keri, and I am nervous talking. She brought along the other mentee and I was making small talk with him as well. Next, our family showed up. I already had some small talk with Keri about how beautiful and natural this family was when she photographed their wedding. She told me about their love story and how Jordan had been fighting to "win" her for yearssssss. And now they are the cutest family. I guess things do really happen when you least expect them, or its always been right there in front of your face and you just weren't looking hard enough. This family is #relationship goals, like seriously! True love story and I love their natural chemistry they have together! Next, Meghan Lambka with Mode Photo LLC showed up! Now, we are ready to GO! We followed Meghan all the way to Belle Isles Lighthouse, and unloaded their brand new blue couch they purchased for their studio. Keri and Meghan value community over competition. Even though they are their own separate companies, they still help and support each other and even share a local studio. It's about 6am at this point and the sun was just about to set, so we all got started...the rest is just fun and makes for some great memories not only for the hall family, but for me as well!!! :)

Here is that beautiful sunrise! Totally worth the 4am alarm clock!

I love this beautiful close up shot of the Hall family!

Family is everything <3

....and then she said, "I'd do anything for that boy!"

I would say that Noah, is a natural in front of the camera!

Isn't she just gorgeous!? :) Do I even have to ask!?!

How adorable are they? Seriously? ;)

This really represents JUST HOW close this family really is!

I have to say that this is another one of my favorite types of shots. I like to have what I call my "peek shots." Something that looks a little like this! I love capturing candid moments because these are the only shots in their truest of forms!

Having boys is NOT for the faint of heart! Noah decided that he wanted to get a bit adventurous and climbed up this tree! Makes for a cool shot if I may say so myself! Let's hope Mama didn't have a heart attack!

Next, we headed over to the beach area of Belle Isle and had some fun in the water!

I love this shot. I would say its one of my favorites. This is how I see things. The couple was posed side by side both looking at the water where Noah was playing. Although I love that idea, I decided to put my own twist on things ('specially since I was given the free reign to do so!) I decided that instead of seeing Noah to the side of them, I wanted to see Noah through them. Your eye is fixed on nothing but love. First you notice the kiss and you keep looking and you see Noah, right there in the background! Its a unique perspective that I love going for!

This image taken in every angle gave you all the feels. Its almost like they were in their own love bubble and no one else was there. I cannot wait to find a love like what they have!

This image was re-shared from my Facebook page and she talked about how Jordan always struggled and had a rough up bringing. She was proud and so happy with where he was at today...with a wife, brand new house, great career and a family!

One thing I learned and liked from this mentoring session was holding my camera close to the ground...or in this case, water! (Yikes!!) haha ...but I liked the perspective. I liked the detail in the waves that it caught!

...and here we have my head shots at the end. I wasn't favoring the light or feeling my looks were on point after sweating all morning! I just LOVE this shot though. I look beautiful, candid, professional and I cannot thank Keri enough!

Photo courtesy of K&D Photography

Photo courtesy of K&D Photography

Photo courtesy of K&D Photography

Photo courtesy of K&D Photography

Photo courtesy of K&D Photography

Photo courtesy of K&D Photography