A peek inside my Studio Space

I am a visual person, obviously! I want you to be able to get a peek of what my home studio space looks like. Sometimes, I wonder what peeps may think of my space when they come to my home studio space for their newborn sessions. It crosses my mind a few times, but then I remember that you come to my home location for the pictures, not my space! You are here to tell a story, to capture moments in time, to remember the details of your new life. I am here today sharing what my space currently looks like. I do continue to grow my space, and sometimes things change a little, but I promise I am only here to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

I have plans to make flooring just like my pallet wall for my newborns. I am going for a nature like feel. OKAY! So there you have it! A peek inside my studio space. My job is to soothe and care for your baby while posing him/her into safe poses creating beautiful images I KNOW you will love. You job is to sit back and relax....no, seriously take a nap! I have two couches and you are more than welcome to rest. Trust me, you may want to get it while you can! It works better for baby when Dad and especially Mom are relaxed and calm. Baby can sense everything Mama feels. Check out my "Tips for a newborn session" to make the most of your session.