DIY Coffee Mugs for Couples

Since I left the day job earlier today at 3, I have been last minute planning my styled engagement session for this Saturday! I am SO EXCITED for it. Not only is it supposed to be nice outside, I have the most gorgeous couple modeling for me! You are going to LOVE what I put together, but for tonight I was working on making some DIY Coffee mugs to use during the shoot. Hmm....what do I want to write on Google I go! I scroll through and find one that I like and its simple! I wanted to be able to use these mugs again. So if you see what you like, and would love to use them for an engagement session...please I would be more than happy to do this for you! are these DIY Coffee Mugs made?

1) Buy some white mugs. You can find them anywhere really...dollar store, thrift store, superstores, online....I bought mine at Walmart and prefer even numbers and cups that matched. 

2) Pick a Sharpie. For long lasting results, choose oil-based Paint Sharpie Markers. Regular Sharpie ink can come off even after baking. Pick a color to use on your mug. You can stay simple and choose one color, or be more ambitious an use multiple. Black is usually a good choice and easy contrast against the white.

3) Start Drawing. Here is the design I picked from Google! I decided to go with something simple! I would recommend practicing on a piece of paper first, UNLESS you are one bad ass confident chicka (like me...and I just went for it!) haha

4) Let Dry. Let your mug dry for a few hours or overnight before placing it into the oven. This is the recommended version of doing it, but if you are anything like don't have the patience to wait, so you threw (okay....gently placed) them into the oven to bake right away!! (PSA: They survived the heat!) If you have a bit of OCD, you may write over it again and repeat the process to double bake it in fo' life yo'

5) Bake It. I baked mine at 350* for 30 minutes, and it smelled funky when I brought it out...ya know kind of like baked marker so that must mean its done!! haha I put mine in the pie pan thingy just so they wouldn't slide all over, or at least somewhat attempt to control that from happening because I am not grabbing a hot mug! 

6) Care and Wash. It would be best to hand-wash and not be lazy like I know I might be when I throw these in the dishwasher!! Dishwasher may ruin the design so the choice is up to you! ;)