Update: Home Studio Space

Let me tell ya...I am OBSESSED thinking about ways to make my clients feel more comfortable in my home studio in my early years of my business. So it's no doubt that I am constantly changing up the studio space (and I am starting to run out of room!) I have put in countless hours building my own furniture from free wood, and adding a convenience center, which speaking of...

What are some of YOUR favorite snacks?

If I need an update of what my space looks like before our session...here ya' go!!

My newborn area. I now have a backdrop stand that is more versatile. I can use this for Family shots as well. I keep this area VERY warm!! I also use a heating blanket (not pictured) currently, its in my bed! HAHA
Look at all that natural light spilling in. Natural lighting is my favorite, and I have plenty of it! I also, like to use hand sanitizer when handling your baby.
One of the pieces of furniture I built for my studio. Yes, I am a woman and NOT afraid of power tools! In fact, I enjoy working with tools and feel pride building things!
Found these jersey knits scarves at Walmart on Clearance for $3.00 a piece, and they work perfectly to wrap babies into a deep, warm sleep.
Hanging this up on the wall with NO help was NOT fun let me tell ya....my arm still hurts, but I do it because I want the best for my clients! Its also customized when I can have the lower half fall to the floor and I now have a wood backdrop for littles (I'm thinking Smash 'n Splash!)
The white piece of furniture...I spent a whole weekend building and I almost gave up. Building the frame was the hardest part (I may have swore a few times) I use it for prop storage, my convenience center, and to hold all my blankets
I have beverage available for my clients and room for Mommies milk if need be
I made this vintage inspired coffee table from an antique window so I can open and close this and store things I feel Mama might enjoy while you relax in the studio

My new OH-SO-COMFY couch. I was lucky to find this and its such a better upgrade!! <3

SEND ME YOUR BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!! I proudly display them in my studio!!
I put on Netflix for my parents! haha
Best (expensive) Invention..the baby shusher! Best white noise machine that sounds like when baby was inside the womb! Definitely the best thing to help baby sleep.

So with all this said, what else would YOU, as the client like to see in my studio?