NEWBORNS IN NATURE | Natural Newborn Photography | A NEW way to Photograph Newborns with Catchfly Photography

June was the last time I used the studio space in Waterford. Although, I loved having a professional space, I just wasn't booking any clients. I had my fair share of model calls and plenty of practice, but something had to change. I was throwing away money. 

As a business owner, you are constantly trying to improve. Whether it be with research, skill, technique, strategy....and in a VERY saturated industry....try to be different. I started to think...

"What can I do different?"

"What can I do that will help my clients, and make things easier for them?"

This is, however, a SERVICE industry to YOU!!!! I am here to make you happy!

I asked a few previous clients if they would have prefered their session be done in their homes, where baby, Mom and Dad might feel a little more comfortable?

Quite a few agreed that it would be better! (Wheels continue to spin...)

I was a little pressed for time too (so it felt) I was moving everything back into my home, when the point was to move OUT because I was slowly turning my entire home into studio space! I still have most of my props tucked away in my shed, but I want my newborn sessions to be a bit more simple. Simple and natural!

It wasn't until I had my best friend over for dinner a few weeks ago. We were catching up, drinking some wine, laughing, talking about guys, work, and just some much deserved GIRL TALK

I don't remember how it came about (I blame the wine!) but somehow we started talking about my business (which really is NO surprise, I am always talking/thinking about my business!) and I asked something along the lines of how she would prefer her newborn sessions to be like? The second.....I mean seriously, THE SECOND....she started talking about how she loved a more...


look, a light bulb went off. I felt so inspired, so motivated to try something new. When she looks back at her baby photos, she sees photos of more natural like poses...Mom holding baby, parents feeding her, holding her, kissing her.....

It inspired an idea!!! It answered SO MANY questions I had!!! Thank you best friend!!!

Natural would fit more my style. Natural would fit more into my branding. I love the nature like elements I would add too my previous newborn sessions, but I wanted to take it a step further....


Newborns in Nature was BORN! (Pun intended!)

I wanted something done in nature. Mom to wear a pretty dress. Natural like poses in a beautiful setting! I wanted to create something that IS more convenient for the new, busy mom. When you do research looking for your newborn many stress the importance of photographing baby within the first two weeks? I will admit, even I would....but it never sat right with me. I never like it. I always accepted the challenge of an older baby. A friend of mine came to me once and told me that photographers would actually TURN HER AWAY because her baby was "too old". Gosh, that made me so sad!! (Wheels are still turning) How nice would it be for new moms not to worry about photos during the first two weeks? Instead, you could focus on getting a schedule down, figuring out the best routine, learning your baby's cues, and getting used to each other? I want to take that one stress away from Mom because we ALL deserve beautiful moments with our babies! It shouldn't matter about age! Age is just a number right?

Anyways, the next order of business was to secure a model. Find someone who not only just had a baby (Duh, right haha!) but was beautiful and willing to buy a beautiful new floral dress (I have one just like this one, but blue. I wore it to my cousin's wedding back in June!) My friend Kristie recommended a friend, her name is Katie and she is gorgeous!!! She found the most prefect dress too, and if I had only received my pop up changing tent in time, we would have changed into another beautiful dress she bought for herself and the shoot as well (Curse you Amazon!) 

Then I had to set out and find a location! I turned to Google and decided to take the camera and just go on a random adventure. I ended up finding a BEAUTIFUL little waterfall area, and I just about fell in LOVE!!!!! This is now my spot. I picture so many family sessions here....newborns, children.....pfft even bride/groom if we happen to be nearby! I am obsessed with nature and waterfalls....just wait till my styled wedding shoot in August! 

SO....why am I no longer doing studio sessions, and offering newborns in nature??

GREAT question!!!   ....because:

1) Natural takes less time than in studio posing, which means newborn session fees are now $150 ($100 savings!!!) spending 3+ hours in a studio can be a bit draining on everyone, and I don't want that for anyone! I want a happy baby!

2) Baby is calmer! Unless, baby is hungry he/she will be much calmer safe in Mom and Dads arms. It is so much easier to feed baby in your arms too. Breastfeeding photos are so beautiful, and of course I always ask permission before I snap away! (Trust me, you will want me too!!)

3) More natural. Did you know baby girl, Vayda here is a month old!? See!! Age doesn't matter AND all poses are more natural. Babies are only so squishy UP TO 2 weeks for all those bendy, cute poses....but no worries now right? I will NEVER turn babies away because of age!

4) Newborn in Nature sessions can be done with other family members like Dad and siblings. It's included and SO BEAUTIFUL!

5) Less time, lower session fees mean MORE MONEY for you to spend on prints, products, and USB! Printing is the whole point, and seeing them all over your walls is the goal!

So, what do you think? As a mother, how do YOU envision your newborn in nature session?



Liz + Raimi | Windmill Island | Holland Michigan | Wedding

It all started 8 years ago...

Liz was tucked away in bed, dressed in PJs when her Dad called,

"Get down here, there is someone I want you to meet....NOW!"

...but Liz didn't want too, she was already in PJs, but her curiosity couldn't help herself. So she got dressed, and headed out to Bailey's Bar and Grill in Canton, Michigan. Raimi was working that night, and he just so happened to be serving Liz's Dad. Raimi was kind and very gentle...he just KNEW that was the guy for his daughter!

I bet Liz is extremely thankful her Dad MADE her get out of bed that night?!

After 8 years full of ups and downs, happy and sad times, parties, and engagement....they became HUSBAND and WIFE on June 17th, 2017.

I know this because Liz, is my cousin. I am an attendee to the wedding! I will never base my business off dishonesty and I am NOT the hired photographer for this particular wedding! I am a simple observer of perfect love, and I just love their love!! <3

It was my first time at Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan! Walking up to the windmill is so surreal. It's like it was pulled right from a dream, which totally suits Liz and Raimi as a couple! They are a dream, they are couples goals, and totally in love and meant to be!

Liz you looked so peaceful, so happy, and so in love!

Congrats to you and Raimi and I wish you many, MANY years of happiness!


NEW Product: Walnut Photo Box and USB for Brides and New Mothers


My newest product, a Walnut (stained) photo box!

This beauty is expected to outlive us all and THAT RIGHT THERE is enough to invest in.

I firmly believe you cannot put a price on memories.

This box is flawless. Smooth edges built with luxury in mind!

Photo box may hold up to 100 unmounted photos and

can be customized with your family name or my logo.


(Payment plans are optional and we can add

to your package total at our first initial in person consultation)



For my brides, my package comes with an online gallery, but I would HIGHLY recommend that

you backup your online gallery using one of my adorable USBs. I fell IN LOVE when I saw these a

few months back and thought they fit my nature like branding SO WELL!! I just recently

purchased additional USBs for any and all future brides/Moms.

(Payment plans are optional and we can add

to your package total at our first initial in person consultation)


Angie + Luis Rodriguez | Engagement | Dodge Park Commerce Charter Township, Michigan

Catching up on some of the blogs while adding links to all my couples blog posts, I realized "OH MY GOSH! How did I not blog my own sisters engagement session?!"

This was the day I met another local photographer. I recommended her to my sister for her wedding. NO! I did not want to shoot her wedding!! I told her, I am either the paid professional OR in your wedding! I will not do both!! haha alcohol + camera do not mix and I would much rather enjoy my sister's that is where Ivanina came in with Nova Rose Photography!

So here we go, tracking all the way back to December 6th, 2016!

BEST way to cut a little boys hair!

Nothing more personal than writing a few of your OWN blog posts here we are, at our seasonal campsite in Jackson, MI.

Where my family and I go to "glamp" almost every weekend.

No, seriously....we have cable there! I wouldn't mind a tent by the river sometimes too,

but nothing beats a weekend by the fire with family!

Anyways!! My Grams has her own place there as well, and we decided

to give my little nephew a haircut! <3

So, just like when we put a wobbly, plastic chair out, to dye my hair...

(YES! I have done this before and laughed WITH everyone who saw me! Pfft! Don't care!)

...we put his high chair in the same spot, right smack dab in the middle of the yard!!


Grams Gets Ready!

Tried to put a cape on, but NOPE! My nephew is stubborn and didn't want it!

(Sad Face)

Nope! Not a fan, at all! 



Mama had to hold him! It was the ONLY way to finish what we started! Hashtag SPOILED

Heather + Jason | Wedding | May 12th, 2017

Heather + Jason

You know you found the one when the details of the wedding don't matter as much...

You just want to be married to the love of your life!

Just to call you my wifey!

Heather and Jason are exactly that couple!

That is what makes them so special!

I still remember the day Heather and I first spoke on the phone.

I am just starting weddings, and she gave me a chance.

Right off the bat, she knew she could trust me with her special day!!

I know myself too....I know that I won't stop till I KNOW you are happy!

I was going to completely ROCK her special day, and I DID...and more!!!

Preparing for my first Wedding | May 2017

I want to be able to look back at this post and remember all the details and what is was like to prepare for my first BIG wedding! I received a call from Anne, one day about someone in her family....she was getting married!! It wasn't until this year that I started to even entertain the idea of weddings. Two years into my photography journey, I wanted to make sure that I at least had the basic knowledge down. Granted, I am still learning everyday, as we all should be and I have confidence in myself. I've spent quite a few weeks (Time AND Money!) into my first wedding. I've purchased (now 4!!) YN685 Speed-lights, already had 4 stands and mounts, triggers and learned the basics about OCF. I want to be able to light up that reception room, and I have complete confidence that they will get the job WELL done! Looking back....I think about how nervous I was. Everyone in my Facebook groups all scare you away from weddings, and granted I believe you should be ready because they require a great deal of expensive equipment, knowledge and experience. In all reality, you should assist quite a few weddings (most likely for free) first, then second shoot, THEN lead! Definitely, like me to want to jump right in! ...but I also know myself. I love that Heather (soon to be wolf!) is trusting that I will do a GREAT job, and I KNOW I will because I know myself. I know that I will NOT stop learning and doing what I can for her and her big day. It's important to me. A couple weeks back I took all 4 of my flashes to the "Grand Ball Room" at Shriner's Event in Southfield and practiced in the same room where her reception will be! I LOVE that Heather was looking for someone who was sort of new, and I was the perfect match. It was between me and another photographer (who has experience doing weddings?!) and Heather picked me!! Maybe it was how we talked on the phone! We clicked right away, and she knew....just something inside said, "Yep, she is the one!" I remember I was at a dentist appointment that day for my son too, and she called at the most perfect time while I was waiting for my son to finish up! We first met up at a Panera (I LOOOOOVE some broccoli cheddar soup!) and we talked details, top 10 shots, life, and how they met! By the end of the meeting we were all excited and giving hugs! Everything from the planning perspective was last minute, but Heather and Jason have such an amazing backbone of friends and family who helped out! Left and right, we have friends and family helping with the menu, timelines, hair and makeup, and I have the BM and MOH helping me wrangle up the family on the big day for family formals after the ceremony! Even our engagement session was last minute, but I wouldn't change anything for the world. Heather and Jason have hearts of gold and they are seriously SOOOO sweet!! They are one of the lucky ones. The couple you KNOW will make it. Jason is so good to her! 

Sam + Lauren | Couple Session

Something I actually didn't know about my little sis, was that she already knew Sam for four years prior! She me him through a youth group at their local church. She was immediately attracted to him (and it's SO OBVIOUS in real life too!) Between then and now they stayed long distant friends . It wasn't until Sam messaged Lauren saying that he was moving back to Michigan from Chicago and she was the first person he wanted to reach out to (cue the AWW right!?) Detroit seems to be their date go too, because when Sam moved back their first date was actually at the DIA! Now, we all go exploring whenever we can. Personally, I am finding a new love for Detroit myself the more I get to explore!

Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
I love how she is playing with his manly beard here! She mentioned she loves randomly playing with his beard all the time!! I just think this shot is so sweet and really showcases who they are!

I love how she is playing with his manly beard here! She mentioned she loves randomly playing with his beard all the time!! I just think this shot is so sweet and really showcases who they are!

He can really make her laugh and that is so important in a relationship!

He can really make her laugh and that is so important in a relationship!

Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer
Sam sure is one of the funny ones! haha wearing my cheapo $5 sunglasses! haha

Sam sure is one of the funny ones! haha wearing my cheapo $5 sunglasses! haha

Dessert Oasis Detroit Michigan Novi Detroit Wedding and Engagement Photographer

DIY Newborn Bed | Nature Style

After working the day job, I headed over to my Dads house to work on a little project! It's winter here in Michigan, so it get dark around...noon! Just kidding...more like 5PM. Dad was running late so I decided to head into the garage to see if I could find anything to use to cut down a branch and make myself useful while I wait. Well, all I could find was a hand saw. UGH! haha So I head up stairs, and out the back door, into the back yard. SWEET! I find some branches and ones that I could use. Ones that could be safe and sturdy! Nice and thick branch...which laughs at a hand saw. Seriously, I quit 3 minutes in....PFFT!! Yeah I wait, and my Dad comes outside with his were talking haha! Excuse all the cell phone shots....and the darkness....but I wanted to at least give you SOME visuals!

Here is where my Dad cut down the tree for me...

Excuse the blur too, I was trying to take this (with my cell!) quick! Opps! Dad bought these 2" long or more....bolts, washers and nuts. Like really thick bolts to go through all 4 pegs. Once we had our big branch out by the garage, we began measuring and planning out the posts, and then putting the pieces together! First, we had to pre-drill some holes, so screwing in these bolts would not be as difficult. Check it out...first piece is DONE!

By the end of this part...I was freeing my butt off!! The 4 main (thick) posts had the bolts holding them together. For the (thinnier) more decorative pieces we just used a smaller screw to secure them into place. Each branch that was added, was contributing strength. I took the assembled bed home and kept it by the heater for 24 hours. The wood was soaked and a bit frozen. My Dad claimed that drilling through it was like drilling through cement....but we got it done!

These are all the necessary tools that I used for to build the bottom! 



Tape Measure



I had some spare wood in my shed so I decided to try using that for the bottom. I have totally rigged this project from scratch.

I measured and cut the length for these pieces to fit on the bottom

and simply screwed them down

NOPE! I did NOT like it. I could see a thick board from the side and it just looked horrible. I HAD to take it apart, and so I did! I wasn't worried about it being white because it was going to be hidden by blankets!? So I remember I had a skinnier piece in the shed AND it was already stained. BAM!!

I loved the idea of moss, and wanted to try and see what it looked like. At this point I am already at least an hour or two into the project.

(not including the build day!)

I was trying NOT to google moss and what it looked like...but I probably should have!! Haha I was trying to take my own ideas and make them into something. Sometimes that works for me, and sometimes not! I spent the next two hours, gluing moss spots all over the bed. It looked cooler in my head (Literally laughs out loud!) Grr!

I post in one of my favorite Facebook groups

asking what they think as well...

ALMOST cool! haha The longer I stared at it...the more it became a hairy manly bed!!  haha

....annnnnd the verdict was in from my group. REMOVE THE "MOSS!!"

SO I did...and it took me 5 minutes to remove 2 hours worth of work!!

So this project cost me less than $3.00. Literally, went out into the world to get what I needed and all I had to buy was twine...which I bought 300 Feet off and used all 300 pictured here ^^ Might cost you a little more since I didn't have to buy bolts! ;)

I still feel like it needs something, what do you think?

Annah and Robery Staffiery | Couples

I met Annah and Robert Staffiery when I did their newborn photos for their son, Jaxon. Immediately, I was drawn to them! I love how real they are, how much they appreciated my time and effort. People like Annah and Robert, turn into really good friends, I would do anything for ( mess with them you mess with me, and I'm whipping out the pool noodles on yo' ass!) When Annah told me they do not have any photos together....I thought, "OH NO NO NO...This cannot happen!" I'm talking not even WEDDING PHOTOS!!! (Insert WIDE eyes here!)

We started to plan, and I had the PERFECT idea for them! Camping, hot chocolate, and s'more style. I mean who doesn't love s'mores and cuddling right?! goofy ass, you did SO GOOD picking out her ring too! I'm jelly!

 These two have known each other for 8+ years, married for 4....and STILL so in love today!

My favorite part is how goofy they can be together, and they are seriously my #relationshipgoals!

They share a love for bud light (honestly, my beer of choice too. Haters gon' hate!)

Oh....and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you two!!

DIY Nature Packaging | Bring Nature inside | Christmas Wreath

DIY Nature Packaging | Bring Nature inside | Christmas Wreath

I gotta say that I can be pretty handy, and I LOVE anything DIY. Tonight, I decided to try my hand on some packaging for your orders. I tried a few options on an album that is about to go home. I love nature, especially all the greens, so I decided to bring nature inside from the cold!

Bryan Palmer & Marista Jones | Couples session | Grass Lake, Michigan

Bryan Palmer & Marista Jones | Couples session | Grass Lake, Michigan

What happens when you can totally be yourself around someone? The perks, the struggles, the flaws, the imperfections. You can laugh, share jokes, tell secrets? Another extension of you that you can rely on, to help you when you fall, to be there when you need, and to help you succeed. They look into your eyes, and simply say "I got yo' 6 Babe!"

What happens? fall in love!

My editing buddies!

A couple of days ago my one friend had posted that Oakland County Animal Shelter

was giving away FREE puppies and kitties, so my son and I decided to check it out.

We drove the 45 minutes one way deciding on names.

Our intention was to walk out with one girl,

but we left with TWO brothers, and I do NOT regret that decision at all!

Gorgeous Outdoor Styled Shoot for Weddings in Novi, Michigan

Gorgeous Outdoor Styled Shoot for Weddings in Novi, Michigan

Thinking about how I would like my first styled shoot to go, I decide to just go for it. I start piecing things together, things that I love...and I head out into the outdoors and just shoot! I wish I had some models for today too but that can wait for another day! Next planned one......

IPS Checklist

IPS Checklist

If you know know that I have lists EVERYWHERE!! With that said, I have made it a goal to transition into IPS (In Person Sales) for 2017. NO MORE S&B (SHOOT AND BURN!! as we like to call it) Although, ALL my sessions have been fun with all my clients that have turned into friends, I miss the BEST part, and that is seeing your reaction to all your images. I have decided that I no longer can stand this, and my reveal sessions will be 2 weeks after our session!! SO I created a list that I MUST complete by January 1st, 2016 (Even if I stay up late....on the computer....and my butt hurts from now!)

DIY Coffee Mugs for Couples

DIY Coffee Mugs for Couples

Since I left the day job earlier today at 3, I have been last minute planning my styled engagement session for this Saturday! I am SO EXCITED for it. Not only is it supposed to be nice outside, I have the most gorgeous couple modeling for me! You are going to LOVE what I put together, but for tonight I was working on making some DIY Coffee mugs to use during the shoot. Hmm....what do I want to write on Google I go!

My FIRST wedding | Learning from Amy Broersma | Spring Grove Park, MI | CatchFly Photography | Creative Edge Photography

Okay...I cannot share photos with you just yet, BUT soon!!! I wanted to start off with the fact that I want to be more candid with my clients. More RAW, more vulnerable in hopes to attract the right clients and repel the ones that are not a good fit. Now, that may sound harsh, but I think its VERY important that we click, that we vibe, that we get along and mesh well together. After all, you need to feel most comfortable in front of my camera right? I want to help you feel that way...but anyways back on track (ADD much?)

I couldn't tell you what made me decide that I was ready...I literally took the plunge and decided, "OKAY! LET'S DO THIS!!" I knew from the beginning that I wanted to wait. I felt that weddings were a big deal. I feel that they are important, and you only get ONE chance not to screw it up! (I want to warn you that I swear, I swear a lot...its who I am and I am here to be open, so you can see and understand more of who I am, so forgive me if that bothers you. I do NOT want my Blog to have a filter anymore. I am real, and this is who I am.) I feel like I have SOOOO much to say and my thoughts are all over the place right now, can anyone else relate? Anyways, your big day is a once in a lifetime deal, and what right did I have to mess that up???? Worst case for a newborn session or family or milestone, can be rescheduled. Weddings....not so much. BUT everyone has to start somewhere right.

SO....I had posted in my local MI Candid Babes photographers group. Its a sub group right underneath my absolute FAVORITE group! I learned so much from this group in the past year.

Here was my initial post, and it caught Amy's eye! I am so incredibly grateful that it did! Amy messages me saying that she had an upcoming wedding that she would love to have me tag along with. There was no pay, but I didn't care! I was hungry enough just to work besides another photographer and see how they work. See how someone else does posing, timelines, and what their workflow and personality was like! I also didn't care that she (and the wedding) was 2 hours away from me! I thought "ROAD TRIP!!!" I don't get to go on many of those, if any! Haha

So I sign my contract (which also states I need to wait to share any images) and wait for the morning of. November 12th, 2016....a Saturday! I wake up....(Chris, my son is at his grandma's) and I go to make morning coffee (MUCH NEEDED in the mornings!) I already have my outfit for the day pre-planned and ready hanging in the bathroom. I found a couple cute pieces throughout the week. I have started to pay attention to WOMAN'S fashion a bit more. I have never been the girly type or have my mom around to show me girly things like doing your hair, or nails, or cute outfits or anything like that so I just never cared, until recently. I want to be taken more seriously. I want to dress better, look better, and most importantly FEEL better! So I get dressed, pack my bags, make sure I have all the charged up equipment I needed, put everything in the car, and then took a selfie before I headed out towards Jamestown, MI. 

Peace! I am on my way

Don't I look cute? I have always loved my red hair too! New shoes/boots. Cute cardigan things I found at Plato's Closet (I am a bit frugal and spending money gives me anxiety....specially anything over $20 on any one piece of clothing!!) Driving the two hours, I thought would be cool to see different scenery, but to be honest...Michigan is not that least where I'm from, so it was mostly farmland and road! Don't judge though...I am sheltered! I am on a mission in life to change that though and NOT care what people think of me! I don't want to be there anymore, I want to move forward, be happy with who I am and my life, and here I go rambling again!!! I listend to a YouTube video created by Jasmine Star. She is one of the top 10 photographers in the whole world!!! Wedding photographer to be exact and she is loved and admired by so many, so this may be nothing to new to some, but I feel like I can related to her so much! I feel like I am her, for the most part, I match her personality....only difference is she is smarter. She knows more about business, and she has more of a determined attitude, mainly because she came from a family that believed in her. No matter what she did with her life, even if she left law school with full scholarship to be a wedding photographer....they supported her! We need a code word for when I start to ramble...what shall that be?? Hmm...??? Anyways, it wasn't until my GPS said I was 10 minutes away did my heart start to race, did I feel even more nervous. I have a bit of anxiety and sometimes I will admit I suffer from depression (were being RAW here right?) Its built in and I can't help it. I grew up around A LOT of negativity, but I have already BEEN on a path to change that in my current life! I have the power, the control to decide how my life goes now and I have been working on being more positive!! So I get to the park, and I text Amy that I have arrived. She texts back saying to meet at her in law house, which was 3 minutes away from Spring Grove Park

Still nervous, me and my loud Escape head on over to her in laws and I find Amy waiting outside for me! We chat a bit and go inside. I meet her husband and in laws and I watch her make a sign for the reception. A little back story to this day was that Amy is friends with the groom and she agreed to do this wedding for them. Most of Mike and Stacey's friends and family did not know they were not married yet. As far as they knew, today was just the reception and they had already gotten married at the city hall a week prier. It was actually a surprise to many to be able to actually witness the ceremony AND have some fun at the reception. How cool is that?!! I was so nervous, that I had to ask Amy to tell me the story again to make sure I didn't screw anything up. I was so nervous, and still stuck on the fact that I was finally meeting her for the first time. I sound and look like a babbling idiot when I am nervous! ....and sometimes I may come across as "dumb" to others but really its just a nervous me, wanting to get to know you and not screw anything up! ...but something about Amy was so chill. She was easy to talk too, easy to get along with, and easy to relate with.

Waiting for the Brides and her bridemaids to get to the house (who were all REALLY funny too and some pretty cool, chill people!) Amy worked on a sign for the reception that mentioned to put your cameras and phones away during the reception. Stacey (the bride) walked in first and she is just beautiful. At this point all the girls had their hair and makeup done and were just ready to put on the dresses. Working with Amy, I was too the side. Its a different experience than being the lead of anything really, and that was a bit hard to do because I am used to directing a session type thing, but I appreciated and loved every minute that Amy gave me!! I loved that I was able to see how she works, and how others do it. I have been curious for the longest time since I am self taught. I only know my world, and how I have done things. So we work together to try and find a spot to hang the dress and Amy ends up finding one screw that was towards the top by the fireplace (pics to come!) We both take turns shooting the dress. I like to shoot up close and tight, so I got a few details of the dress, up close. Then we moved the bride and Amy to the back of the room where they did the "putting on the dress" shots and me and one of her bridesmaids stay in the living room waiting. Stacey wanted a "first look" at the dress with her best friend, which I took lead and offered to shoot her face/reaction for Amy! Some shots were really great, some were not so flattering to the bride, some were very candid, and some were beautiful candid moments of her best friend witnessing the bride in her beautiful dress! Did I mention I was a beginner. I want to document where I am now and read about this later in life, after I have completely busted my arse gaining experience because I absolutely LOVE what I do and never stop learning!!!! Anyways, Amy had the idea to take a few quick shots of the bouquet and the Brides shoes, which I thought, "Okay cool idea!" so I took a turn and took a few shots and angled the shoes her way, then another way. Again, I liked the close up I got a few of those, a wide one, a few different angles and perspectives. The bouquet was actually DIY'd and made from a book (pics to come!) SO unique and such a cute idea. Mike is an Arthur and Stacey is a bookworm so it was PERFECT for their personalities and careers! After the girls were all ready we met the boys at the park so Amy could do a few formal shots with the boys. Waiting in the park, the boys decide to walk down to this beautiful trellis. Amy told me a while before we met that this park was actually made for photographers. Let me tell you! She is SO lucky to have this beautiful park practically in her backyard (Pics to come!!) SO the boys walk down, do their thing, and I was to wait by the limo. The girls waiting in the limo till the boys were done. I was waiting for a "here comes the bride" message from Amy which was my cue to have the girls come out and I was to take shots of the girls coming out of the limo, and down the path walking towards the stairs down to the trellis. I was also in charge of taking shots of the bride while she walked down the stairs, and her girls stayed up at the top! I love responsibility like this...I feel so grown cool!! haha Anyways, I stage myself by this beautiful trellis in front of the grown. We were about to do the "FIRST LOOK" how exciting right?! It was my responsibility to get the brides reaction!! I got this!! I love a challenge! Just let me make sure I get my settings right. I fumbled a bit because I was shooting a bit over exposed. SO finally, something I can work with, get me OFF the spot lol OKAY, READY! Phew...Mike turns around (I can't see his face or expression at this point) But Stacey is glowing and smiling from ear to ear! " you like?" She asks haha boys! Men of few words...but its easy to figure out why? He is speechless, he has lost all words because she is stunning, absolutely gorgeous! They give a little kiss, and she does a little twirl in her dress! LOVE!! We spent the majority of the time, doing formals and I watched her pose and work up a sweat. I wanted to help more, but felt so useless just standing there! I did my absolute best to make sure I got what Amy needed, any shots she needed and especially made sure to keep OUT of her shots! I thought the coolest thing that Amy did, and something I will learn and take away from was when she had one of the grooms carve a heart out of a leaf and then used it as a filter in front of her camera and had Mike and Stacey kissing in the heart (pics to come!!) I LOVED THAT!!!! Here is us after we all walked back towards the Limo. I have to get my selfie with Amy!!

Isn't she gorgeous?! SO carefree, laid back, easy to talk too. It was like we were already friends for a while! We were, but online friends till this day! This Mama is actually halfway through her 4th pregnancy, finally having a boy after 3 girls! That is one BAD ASS Mama to be pregnant AND do weddings!

Next was the reception, where I learned a little about shooting in Kelvin. I am not going to lie, I still need to understand what the difference is. Why its better in camera. (I'm sorry Amy I know you explained it twice to me!!!!!) .....but sometimes I am a little slow at understanding things, BUT I never give up even if I look stupid asking 50 times! I want to learn. I want to know. I am determined. I DID learn that once you set it, you don't worry about it till you change lighting...which is great because I thought it was yet another thing to fumble with, and its not. So....phew! I loved her centerpieces too. FYI....this entire time I have been looking at the RAW files to remind myself how the day went! all 993 photos I took for Amy's small wedding!! I would consider myself the second shooter at this point. I felt like I was rocking this job enough to make Amy feel totally comfortable and confident that I would capture what she wanted/needed....and I DID!!! I am so proud of myself! Another one of the BEST things that happened to me this night was when I walked towards our table where we were to sit. A little sticky note that said, "Photographer (Julie)" made my night! A tiny piece of paper, that's all it was...maybe its silly to some, but I don't care! I have the biggest smile on my face and I'm happy! I'm keeping this sticky note forever! Even when they made an announcement and mentioned, "Please put your phones away and leave the photos to the PROFESSIONALS!!" Moral of this story is even the little things can make someone's day. This is just a piece of sticky note paper, but it made me so happy, and so proud of myself and all the hard work I have done so far!! I love this so much. I cannot describe the feeling when you find your passion!!! ......I did in fact keep the sticky note and its sitting right on my desk as I type and going into the journal soon! We take ceremony shots, and then we all go out into the hall where I take quite a few shots of all the witnesses, officiant, bride and groom sign the marriage license. Throw in a few cute shots of their son, who loves his Mama and loves to be held by her. The rest of the night was filled with funny speeches, GREAT food (I went for seconds!) thanking the bride for allowing me to tag along and for the delicious food, cutting the cake, bouquet and garter toss, dancing and fun! I thanked everyone and then gave all my RAW files to Amy in the lobby. We had to plug in her laptop there and wait a long while while all 993 RAW images loaded, haha! Then I took the LONG 2 hour ride all the way to Waterford to pick up my cranky son, and another 30 minutes back home to crash. This was a great day!



Ashley Burke | Maternity Session | September 25th, 2016


It's Halloween night, and Ashley was actually induced this morning! We all know it's going to take A WHILE for anything exciting to happen, probably a few days till Caisen is here, but we are ALL excited!! Let's rewind a bit back to September. Back to the day I was waiting outside, by the front entrance of Erwins Apple Orchard in South Lyon, MI. This was my first time meeting Ashley and she was recommended through a mutual friend. Tons of ideas flowing through my mind as I witness beautiful weather no clouds and OH....MY....GOSH...the most perfect lighting! I start to recognize that maybe Ashley was the one walking up to me...and her sister....and her mother...and her mothers friend, Jean!!! It's a PARTY!! (giggles) I love that she has so many people to support her! After all, Caisen is the first grand I believe that everyone is a little bit excited!! Here is a little peek inside Ashley's maternity session! 

The last image reminds me of a post that Ashley's Mother made and it gave me sooooo many "feels!" In this image you see a sun flare, but I love Michelle's analogy of it. A few months back, Ashley lost a very dear friend of hers. They were extremely close. This right here is a screen shot of her post and it hits right home. I just love that they look at this image, and their friend Paige is the first person they think of. Almost like she was right there with us! It gives you shivers and it gives us hope that her spirit still lives on and watches over Ashley and her family. This right here is one of MANY reasons why I love what I do. I can deliver this to you, for you to remember forever. You can find her in all the rainbows! <3


All right Ashley!!! NOW, it's time to have that baby! I can't wait to meet him in the NEW STUDIO (that story to be continued....)